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10 Ways to stay alert all through the day

10 way to stay alert

All of us work in hectic, fast paced, multi tasking environments and its very important to stay alert and active all through the work day. Our productivity is directly proportional to how active we are, both in mind and body.

Here are some tips to stay active and alert all through the day and make the best of it.

1. Take short breaks to walk

Take small breaks from your work. Step out of your chair and just take a short walk around your office or the building. Even if its a 5 min walk, these short brisk walks will help you keep your alert levels high and help stay productive.

2. Listen to music while working

We would recommend some nice trance/tranquil music that can help boost your energy levels but if you’re comfy with rock or any other taste of your’s, go ahead. Experts say that listening to good music can keep you active and alive all day. Oh! And get a good pair of headphones so you don’t trouble your colleagues.

3. Look away from the screen

Prolonged exposure to computer screen can leave you tired and your eyes sore. Experts recommend that you look away from your screen once a while and take short breaks for your eyes. This reduces stress on eye muscles and leaves you in a good mood keeping head aches and other stress symptoms away.

4. Take short exercises

Take short exercises while sitting on your chair. Like stretching and small breathing exercises. These small yet powerful exercises helps you stay awake and alert all through out.

5. Take showers in between

Most of you might disagree with it but if possible, try to take more than two showers a day. Really short ones. Showers help maintain body temperatures and help stay in balance.

6. Drink lot of water

This is very important. Your body needs a lot of fluid, so ensure that you drink lot of water through out the day. Staying away from drinking water and only drinking when thirsty is not a good healthy habit.

7. Talk to people

Share a joke. Debate. Argue or just talk. Humans are social animals. Secluding yourself without others company and sticking to your workstation might get you productive but it will make you lethargic and boring.

8. Follow a time table

It helps if you can stick to time frames so that your body can follow a systematic metabolic rate. For example, have lunch at the same time every day, or take a walk exactly for the same 15 minutes everyday. Having a regime in place can help you in the long run.

9. Think positive

Positive thoughts are the base of all good things. To stay active and alert, think positive and good.

10. Eat healthy

Eat a lot of green vegetables and fresh fruits. They help to stay active and alert. Eating heavy and meat will make you tired and drowsy.