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World Countries – Interesting facts you didn’t know

29 Jan, 2012 0 comments All life areas

There are 196 countries in the world, or rather that are recognized as sovereign states. As we shall see, there are many others that don’t make the list, and we will list reasons as to why.

Taiwan is not officially considered a country, even though it successfully met the requirements to be regarded as a nation on its own. It is in the list of 196, and its exclusion from the countries’ list is because many other countries (led by the U.S. and China) don’t recognize it as so. China considers Taiwan as another province in its vast geographical boundaries. This particular issues has been a thorn in the flesh of outside countries, because they have had to sever ties with Taiwan in order to maintain relations with China. However, this hasn’t stopped 100 or so other nations from maintaining unofficial relations with Taiwan.

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Social Service can Change your Life: The Challenge of the Unknown

26 Jan, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Anyone who has ever engaged in any form of volunteer or social service with a non profit organization or an NGO would know the vast amount of satisfaction charitable or philanthropic work can bring. The beauty of volunteering to bring about some change in the societies we live in is inherent in the understanding that change is after all in our hands. Be it in the social or personal arena, the power to effect change in our lives as well as others’ lives lies with the individual self. Social Service is an extension of this concept. When we speak of social service, our minds instantly go on the lines of working at an orphanage or organizing a petition to save the environment or something similar. This is social service to the regular citizen who doesn’t have the bent of mind to invest all his time in this work and become a full time social service volunteer, but at the same time is willing to find time to give back to the community. This lies at the heart of social service. The intent and the act of finding time for something that is purely for the benefit of someone else is different experience for everyone and has the ability to transform lives. Here are 5 ways in which Social Service can change your life:

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Beat the Debt: 10 Things You Need to Stop Spending Money On (Part 1)

24 Jan, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Facing a financial crunch? Too much debt to recover from? This new year, make smarter choices when it comes to spending money on some very common things, a few expenditures which you can cut down easily and make a big difference to your finances. To come out of debt you need to focus on where you are spending most of your money on, the little things, the frivolous use of your credit cards on things you don’t need, the lack of a solid budget every month, a bit of laziness here and there. In a bid to help you plan and spend money in a better way in the coming year, we give you 10 things you need  pay attention and avoid over spending your money:

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The Beginner’s Guide to Minimalism

22 Jan, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Productivity experts the  world over are paying increasing attention to Minimalism as a way of life. But what is minimalism? Is it a new concept, or something that is seeing a resurgence? In simple terms, minimalism is reducing to the essential. It is the “simple life.” By eliminating the unnecessary, we focus our resources on what is important and what gives us happiness.

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Lead an Active Lifestyle, Say Good-bye to the Sedentary Lifestyle

19 Jan, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Leading an active lifestyle is a dream for many who find themselves stuck in their workplaces, unable to find time for exercise. Too often, what begins as a resolution to make time ends without any results. But in your busy schedule, is it really that difficult to squeeze out 30 minutes a day for your body? It is, after all, crucial to your overall health and development. Exercise boosts the heart rate and blood circulation and increases concentration, and an active lifestyle that includes a good diet and sufficient exercise can help you achieve more productivity too. But how do you turn your sedentary lifestyle into an active one? It’s all about the small changes you make. For example:

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Being Social : Learn to Say “Hello”

16 Jan, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Social awkwardness and social anxiety affect more people than you might expect. One of the things that makes dealing with social anxiety is just that; the fact that it is not always obvious to others around you. While severe social anxiety requires professional help, not every form of anxiety does. Sometimes, it might just be shyness or lack of confidence at work. There are numerous self help articles and books out there to help you overcome social awkwardness yourself and bring about a change in personality, but making a choice about which article or book to read can be difficult. Here’s a simple starting place for anyone who has a hard time just saying “hello” and does not know where to begin:

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Start Your Year with Lifestyle Design

15 Jan, 2012 0 comments All life areas

What is Lifestyle Design?

Lifestyle design is about societal non-conformity and taking complete control of what you do in your life–and how you do it. Lifestyle design asks you one question – What do you want to do in life? We all have ideas of what we should be doing in life, given our financial conditions, our educational qualifications, the city we live in, etc. However, for a person who is engaged in lifestyle design, the want is more important than the should. Society at large has all kinds of expectations as we move into adulthood. Once done with school and college, we settle into the same pattern of finding a job, working 9-5 every day for 5 out of 7 days a week and making money. Eventually, we manage to fit in love and relationships and start a family. But lifestyle design forces us to rethink this pattern. Is it necessary to do what we think makes an ideal life, or can we not live life our way, the carefree existence we all dream of? Lifestyle design is all about living with freedom of choice, outside the conventional work environment, using travel to widen our horizons and learn more. All it takes is clarity about your goals and ideal way of life and a willingness to work towards those goals.

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Best Place and Time to Visit India

13 Jan, 2012 0 comments All life areas

The traditional country of the Golden Triangle tourist route of North India is the most important alliance of the Indian visiting the attractions that have been built-up, more than ever the single one with the purpose of the focal point on inheritance and structural design that subjects to matter for leisure time and retreat the travel around.

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep? The Definitive Guide to Sleeping Healthy

07 Jan, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Have you always wished that you could be an early riser? Or have you always wished you could get enough sleep? If you’re looking for some guidance regarding your sleep troubles, here’s all the help you need!

How important is sleep?

Just like breathing and eating, adequate sleep is vital to a healthy body and mind. Sleep deprivation over long periods can be fatal, as your body is deprived of vital rest. Adequate sleep not only rests the body and keeps you active during the day, but is also essential for consolidation of the day’s events into your long term memory, which is why it is always advisable to have a fair amount of sleep before exams instead of having a sleepless study marathon.

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