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Around The World in 80 Days for the Budget Traveller

30 Mar, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Travelling around the world is a dream for many and it is stuff that you can wow you grandchildren with one day. However, budget and time constraints often put a halt to your ideal plans. The good news is with a little bit of planning and frugality, you can make a round-the-world trip attainable. Read further to get some realistic tips on how to save up money before and during travel and some valuable Do’s and Don’ts.

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Photography: On Becoming a Pro-am Photographer

26 Mar, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Got an expensive DSLR as a gift? Or have you just seen what your photographer friend could do with that cam of his and are impressed by it? Or have you been working hard to achieve the status of a professional photographer? No matter what stage you’re at now, these tips will help you become a better photographer.

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Importance of Being Content

26 Mar, 2012 0 comments All life areas

It is often said that life is short and therefore should be utilized to the maximum. However, many of us are sick of the daily grind that is life, and discontentment is often more common than contentment. The truth is there is no need to run away to the mountains and live like a hermit to be contented with life. With some minor changes to your attitude, and to your lifestyle, you can easily be one of those people who constantly have a smile of contentment on their lips.
So where do you start when trying to be contented with life? There isn’t a set of rules  for where and when you can begin; you can start wherever you like. That’s why this article is broken up into several sections, and each section describes an area of life that you can make minor or major changes to and get some peace. So are you ready to become a better person and make peace with life? Let’s start then!

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Spending Addiction: What is it, and how do you spot it?

25 Mar, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Webster’s Dictionary defines the term addiction as “devoting oneself to something (action or substance) habitually and obsessively; it is behavior that impairs one’s ability to perform important functions and often leads to harmful consequences.” Addiction is self-destructive and will probably lead to all kinds of trouble down the line, but underneath all the various forms of addiction (drugs, smoking, sex, alcohol, etc.) is a drive to feel good, be instantly satisfied, a longing to be free from the problems of the world, and most of all, an ignorance of the long term effects of the addiction.

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Juggling Kids While Traveling

23 Mar, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Traveling with kids is hardly a piece of cake, but with a little know-how, you can definitely achieve the goal of a peaceful family vacation with your children without feeling completely drained.

“Are we there yet?”

Kids are prone to boredom. Specially those who have been asked to travel in confines of something rolling on wheels. So be ready with loads of activity ideas to keep them busy. You may ask them to plan their own trip entertainment and select books, toys and games to keep themselves busy.

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Self Growth: 5 Challenges to Undertake

18 Mar, 2012 0 comments All life areas

When we talk about self growth and personal development, there are numerous questions that arise. What does it mean to engage in personal development? More often than not, people expect results which help them gauge their performance outwardly, forgetting that self growth is something extremely personal, and should be treated that way. The path to self growth and development is one an individual takes himself and for this reason, the first rule of self growth is to look inward, not outward. And naturally, since there are different meanings attached to self growth for each one of us, the route we take towards it will also be different. However, no matter which route one takes in the quest for self growth, be it by making a bucket list of things to do, or learning something new, there are challenges associated with it. We bring you 5 challenges you should undertake if you’re considering a serious recourse to personal development. Have a look:

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How to Plan Travel

15 Mar, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Trips could be at times spontaneous and exciting whereas some could be slow and well-planned. Remember “A travel well planned is a pleasure well gained”. Without a planning the tour will be a box of confusion but planning is an art which only few mastered. Let’s discuss few tips that can help to plan travel. The planning again depends on the number of travelers, as the number changes the whole plan changes. Planning for family friends is different from planning for office employees.   So lets start with some basic requirements to plan travel.

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The Ultimate Travel Checklist

12 Mar, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Maybe this is your first time traveling or maybe you’ve flown a thousand times, but always get stressed in the airport. Maybe you have traveled in the past, but it’s been a while and you’re feeling nervous. Whatever the circumstance, we can help. Here’s your no-nonsense, ultimate travel checklist:

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List of countries in the world

11 Mar, 2012 0 comments All life areas

What are the  countries in the world ? How many countries do we have in this world ? These are a very frequent questions that comes up in geographical discussions or for people wanting to travel around the world, go on a round-the-world trip. The answers given are often different, showing that not many are sure how many countries are there in this world. This is not mainly our fault, as different sources will often give different answers. If asked how many countries there are in the world ? the best answer to give would be 196.

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Eating Healthy While Travel

05 Mar, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Eating healthy while travelling is something odd to talk as you won’t know who is cooking, with what hands are they cooking, what king of oil are they using, weather the cooking utensils are  fully clean or not, many doubts come to your mind and thereby we mind eating out. But can we do anything about the style the locals cook, Can we check everything before we eat. The answer is straight NO. Yes we can’t. But by taking some simple steps we can surely stay healthy in travel. I have come up with some points anyone can follow them and stay healthy and happy.

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