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Understanding the Basics of the Food Pyramid (Part 1)

29 Apr, 2012 0 comments All life areas

The food pyramid is one of the most basic sources of information about the essentials of a balanced diet, calorie intake and the food groups one must focus on to maintain health and fitness. From the very first health classes in school, we’ve heard a lot about this pyramid, but not many of us know its practical applications in our lives. Unless we visit a professional dietician, who gives us an ideal diet depending on our body weight and additional requirements, we don’t really have a mapped out diet plan for ourselves ready to give us clues. Well, guess what? The food pyramid is exactly that – a generic diet plan. Taking an average sample from the population it is designed to serve, the pyramid gives us the ideal helpings of each food item, complete with portion sizes and number of calories present in each food item., as a quick reference guide to our nutrition doubts. Health departments all over the world have devised their own food pyramids to serve the needs of their populations based on the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) designed food pyramid. Let’s have a closer look at what this pyramid does:

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Your Fitness is All In The Head

26 Apr, 2012 0 comments All life areas

For years, doctors and health experts have worked on the subject of fitness and tried to come up with an ideal way of achieving fitness. Be it elaborate diet plans, or in house gyms, people have gone many lengths to get into shape and feel good about themselves. But while the world is busy buying their way into the world of beauty and good looks, a small group of researchers have increasingly focused on the role our mindset and attitude has to play in helping us achieve fitness. What if we were to tell you that what you say in your head is more powerful than what goes inside your mouth? Your mindset towards fitness can actually affect your ability and motivation to achieve it as well. So while fitness is of course a lot about what you eat and the way you live, it’s also a lot about how and what you think. 5 things to remember on your path to fitness:

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Time Management Basics: Activity Tracking for Success

24 Apr, 2012 0 comments All life areas

In the work and business arena, for maximum productivity one needs to address goal setting and time management on a routine basis, at a personal level as an employee or at a team level as an employer. But where do we begin with goal setting and time management? The first and most basic step towards these is activity tracking. Activity tracking is nothing but assimilating your activities of the day, yours as well as your employees’ and working on a goal setting plan that is structured around your everyday work patterns. Now, this might sound complicated initially, but it doesn’t need to be if understood and implemented properly. What activity tracking aims to achieve is a bird’s eye view of what goes on at your work place everyday, where the time is utilized, what adds to productivity and what doesn’t. Productivity can be improved when you can manage time better, and change your work habits to achieve maximum results on time. We bring you a simple 3-way breakdown of activity tracking:

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7 Motivational Techniques to Use at Work

20 Apr, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Whether you have your dream job or not, motivation is extremely relevant to our overall productivity and satisfaction. However, everyone is prone to occasional bouts of low motivation; we might get lazy with our responsibilities, start procrastinating or complain more frequently to friends and family. Unfortunately, employers are looking for motivated employees who are enthusiastic, energetic, driven and creative with their work, who enhance the performance of the entire workplace with their positivity. If you feel that you’re going through a slump, here are a few motivational techniques to cope and rebuild some motivation:

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Tips on Learning Different Styles of Dancing Quickly

19 Apr, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Dancing is a popular form of artistic expression that is not only beautiful to watch but also has positive effects on the dancer. It is believed to relieve stress and connect the body, mind and soul of the dancer. However, learning to dance well isn’t very easy; it takes time. Don’t worry though if you wish to learn to dance quickly. It can be done with the following tips from our side and lots of effort from your side.

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7 Things Happy People Do

18 Apr, 2012 0 comments All life areas

What is the secret to happiness? Why is it that some people are happier than others? We often find ourselves asking these questions. Some of us might have met people whose lives might be tougher than ours, but their happiness quotient is higher. We might wonder if these people do something different that makes them have a more positive outlook on life. Here’s a quick look at 7 things happy people do:

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Pick Up a Foreign Language Today!

14 Apr, 2012 0 comments All life areas

The world is so rich and diverse not only in the sense of things that nature makes up but also in the way that we human beings have shaped up our planet. It does take a significant amount of open-mindedness to take a look back, freeze the humdrum of daily life and appreciate this colossal fact. Often times, people who do this want to participate in the richness and diversity of human culture. What other way to do this than to engage oneself in the most intact intangible remnant of the eons of cultural evolution – language. In this article we’ll discuss how you can learn to become fluent in any foreign language within a short time and given minimal resources.

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Your Life Purpose: 10 Questions Worth Answering

12 Apr, 2012 0 comments All life areas

The meaning and purpose of life has been of interest to the human mind for centuries. Philosophers all the way from the Greeks in the West and Hindus in the East have been engaged in a passionate debate about what purpose the human life is meant to serve in this world. Various religions have explored the question in different ways and no-one yet has discovered a universal truth. The fact is that we’re all looking for something and each life has a different set of relationships and experiences attached to it, and each individual views their purpose differently. While some people are destined for success and fame, others are around to spread cheer and joy in other peoples’ lives. Whatever may be your purpose, there is no denying that somewhere in your thoughts and actions, you have asked yourself, “Who am I?” Here are 10 questions you should try to answer in your search for your life’s purpose. Let your mind explore these answers and let your ideas surface without judgment:

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10 Things We Should Be Thankful For

09 Apr, 2012 0 comments All life areas

In the fast-paced world of today, a few words of gratitude and thankfulness for what we have are rare. Things are taken for granted too often and the average individual is too busy stop and appreciate what he/she has. Here’s a list of ten things we all are guilty of taking for granted, a list which should make you rethink your life and slow down for a while:

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The Internet Savvy Guide to Learning an Instrument

08 Apr, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Learning to play an instrument on your own can range from easy to moderately easy to very difficult depending on several factors such as what instrument you decide to play, how much time you have to learn it and how many resources you have. Assuming that the Internet is the only good resource you have for learning, here are some excellent tips on learning to play an instrument quickly.

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