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Alcohol and Smoking: Dependency and Treatment

29 Jun, 2012 0 comments All life areas

In the world over, alcohol and tobacco addiction account for a large number of preventable deaths. These two substances are often used together, as research has shown that people who smoke are likely to drink, while those that drink are likely to smoke. The dependence on alcohol and tobacco is also correlated; smokers are 4 times as likely to be dependent on alcohol, while alcoholics are 3 times as likely to be dependent on tobacco. These are some pretty glum numbers, and rightly so as they also show that dependence on the two brings about serious complications when it comes time to kick the habit.

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Newton’s Laws of Motion for Success in Everyday Life

27 Jun, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Do the laws of physics have any bearing on the way we live our lives, and can they actually help us achieve success in different spheres of life? Although we normally associate these laws of motion with the movement of physical objects in relation to concepts such as gravity, the lesson that each law carries can be extended to the manner in which we make decisions as well. Newton’s laws signify a continued state of harmony in nature; that everything is in one way connected to everything else. By applying these laws to our daily life, perhaps we can also find balance, harmony and tranquility in our lifestyle and relationships.

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9 Habits of the Curious People

24 Jun, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Curiosity is basic to human nature, and is present in varying degrees in all of us. However, there are few of us who are born naturally more curious than others, who like to explore and know everything inside out. This curious streak is regarded as healthy, but again, one must know how to use one’s curious side to gain more knowledge. There are certain habits one curiously finds in most curious people, and while one habit might stand out more than the others, there is no doubt that they together make the person what he/she is. Here’s a quick look at the what makes curious people tick:

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9 Tips on Turning a Hobby into a Business

21 Jun, 2012 0 comments All life areas

There are numerous stories about young professionals turning their hobbies into successful businesses with the sheer power of vision and dedication. Turning a hobby into a business is not a new phenomenon, it’s been around for quite some time, yet it’s not a very easy thing to do. The simple fact that a hobby is something we pursue in our leisure time, to take a break from work, makes its transformation into a commercial activity contradictory to the purpose it serves in our lives. Yet there are people who love their hobbies enough to want to occupy themselves with it full-time and this is where the ambition of making it a business comes. When you love doing something and are good at it, turning it into a business can make the entire activity extremely satisfying. If you’re someone who has passion for a particular skill and wants to earn money through it, then read on:

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Air, Water, Food & Financial Independence

19 Jun, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Just like how a person cannot be happy without having air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat, it is hard to be content or happy when the lack of financial capacity to support yourself and your family is constantly nagging you. To gain the financial independence, one needs to start with financial planning to gain and then devise efficient plans for proper savings and proper investments. Read on to find out exactly how you can plan your finances, manage your money and make it work for you rather than you just working for it till your last breath.

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How to start meditating

19 Jun, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Do you feel unable to have the attention, mental focus, impulse control or determination to complete the desired task? Well, here’s a way for you to start looking at the cause of your problem in a different way and attack it at its roots. The problem might be right at the source of the inspiration for your desired task – your mind. It has been observed time and again in informal observations as well as empirically valid ones that meditation can help in more than one way to bring inner calm, relax your body, heighten your focus, impulse control and much more. Let us find out more about what meditation really is, what some popular methods are, why you should start meditating and how you can do it.

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Improve your fitness levels

17 Jun, 2012 0 comments All life areas

It is the goal (or rather resolution) of many to achieve a level of fitness that they are comfortable with, and maintain it for the long haul. As such, many will embark on fitness journeys with vigor and excitement, only to drop out when they realize that it requires a much tougher mindset than they thought. Well, a few reach their goals and from there on strive to go even further in their fitness dreams.

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The Myths and Facts About Sex

15 Jun, 2012 0 comments All life areas

There is so much information out there regarding sex, it will make your head spin just trying to figure out some of it. This is because sex, and any topic related to it, is seldom discussed in public, despite the fact that it is part of adult life. The misconceptions regarding sex sometimes border on downright crazy, which makes it essential for people to have the right information. Here, we are going into the common sexual myths and misconceptions, and clarify on them as needed.

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Planning an Adventure Weekend: Things to Look Out For

13 Jun, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Every once in a while, we all want to try something different and challenging, and doing adventure sports can be a great way to test your limits and explore yourself. Here’s a quick look at what you need to keep in mind at various stages of your planning, to get the best value for money and an experience that will change your life:

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Making Exercise a Part of Your Life

10 Jun, 2012 0 comments All life areas

There are many different ways to improve your physical and mental health. However, simply exercising is the best (and safest) way to do it. Exercising is one of the most effective way to improve your body; both inside and out. A little exercise everyday will help you manage depression and stress, increase energy levels and boost mental sharpness and focus. You don’t need to have a complicated workout regimen, or access to the latest gym equipment to reap these benefits. Regardless of age, fitness level, or health conditions, you can utilize simple exercise routines to make every day a better one.

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