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10 Tips to start saving for an early retirement

30 Dec, 2013 0 comments Money

Generally people working in USA will get a bi-monthly or weekly salary instead of monthly one. So it is necessary for them to start planning and saving for an early retirement. Even though the citizens of USA has social security benefits, it will not be enough for them to survive after retirement. It is good to start saving at least 5 to 10 years before your retirement.

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10 Amazing places to experience before turning 30

20 Dec, 2013 0 comments All life areas

Why 30, you may ask? Well, 30 is a crucial point of time in our lives. It is one of those confusing points where you go through a identity crisis. Its probably the first time when you realize that you’re getting nearer to the mid age and need to get things in order now. So, here are ten cool places you’ve got to travel before turning 30, or at 30.. (you get the point).

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14 Tips to please your boss & be the best guy in office!

19 Dec, 2013 0 comments All life areas

Most of us spend more time in office than anywhere else these days. With the king of targets we have, enough work is never enough, right? If you don’t have a good rapport with your boss, you’re pretty much going to be dealing with a list of seemingly simple problematic things starting with high blood pressure, stress and ending up with grave problems in life like bad sex life and solitude. Well, let’s just say, a displeased boss is the root cause of all evil in your life.

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Is Mere Existence Enough? Start Living Today

07 Dec, 2013 0 comments All life areas

Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day, and we try to fit everything we want and need to do in this short amount of time. For the next 30 seconds, slow down and ask yourself, am I really living the life I have been blessed with? Am I making the most of it? Too often, we confuse mere existence with living itself and this is where the distinction lies. To exist is to be alive in physical being, to live is to be alive in mental, emotional and spiritual being as well. Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to sit down and evaluate where you are going – is it where you want to be, or is it simply someone else who is calling the shots for you? In the handful of days we have to share with others, to be happy and live the life we have been given, it is important to create our own circumstances to the best of our ability and start living rather than merely existing as just another person in the crowd. Make your life more worthwhile and purposeful today:

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12 Things To Do Before You’re 30

04 Dec, 2013 1 comment All life areas

Isn’t life all about stress these days ?  Turning 30 soon? Boy, get ready for even more.

Sometimes, you just have to let it go. Let go of your inhibitions, of your worries, anxieties and do what you’ve always wanted to do. Not all of us get a lot of free time to do that stuff that we really want to be doing. So if you’re under 30,  try the list of fun things to do below and let your inhibitions go.

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