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6 Essential Marathon Training Tips

25 Apr, 2014 0 comments All life areas

When it comes to bucket lists, there are a few things that seem to pop up pretty regularly. For example, it is common for people to dream that they’ll one day go skydiving, travel through Europe, swim with sharks, or run a marathon. This last one is somewhat surprising considering how few people actually apply themselves to improving or maintaining their fitness. Let’s face it—you don’t just make up your mind to run more than two dozen miles, then step out the door and do it. It takes commitment and preparation.

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How Couples Can Work From Anywhere

16 Apr, 2014 0 comments All life areas

Do you dream of a life spent working from the shores of a Thai beach or the quaint surroundings of a Mediterranean village? Does it sound exciting to work from anywhere ? Maybe you are an itinerant nomad at heart, but your partner is set in a full time job with the bleary prospects of only two weeks of vacation per year. Contrary to popular belief, being a perpetual vagabond doesn’t mean slipping into the ranks of societal dropouts. Many people live a lifestyle of complete nomadic freedom and have a steady enough income to live out their dreams abroad. If you already ply a trade that is location independent such as as a writer or graphic designer, read no further. But if you and your partner are hankering to step out into the world and willing to attempt new endeavors in order to get those coveted passport stamps, read on for unique ideas that couples can use that will allow them to work from anywhere in the world.

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7 Places You Have To Go Skydiving in the USA

04 Apr, 2014 0 comments All life areas

Are you a gravity junky, always looking to take the plunge into your next free-falling fix? As any adventure enthusiast will tell you, location can mean the difference between the so-so and the whoa, whoa, WHOA. That’s why we’ve drawn up a list of a few of America’s best places for jumping out of a plane.

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Find Out If You Are Ready To Lead a Location Independent Lifestyle

03 Apr, 2014 0 comments All life areas

Many people fantasize about living a location independent lifestyle—a nomadic existence lived on the road, with each day bringing countless new places, people and experiences. Thousands of people simply make it happen with just a laptop and an open mind. And there’s no limit to the far-flung places they choose to call home on any given day—except maybe a reliable WiFi connection. But before you get too excited and start to browse travel websites like LonelyPlanet, KayakTripAdvisor, Orbitz , ExpediaPriceline, TravelocityRail EuropeMake My Trip ask yourself the following self awareness questions to make sure that a nomadic lifestyle really IS the right choice for you.

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3 Obvious and Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Running

01 Apr, 2014 0 comments All life areas

Why run? It’s a question that I spent more than a decade asking.

I began asserting my willful stubbornness against running in middle school gym class. As a bookish, non-athletic know-it-all (let’s just come out and say it—I was a nerd), I came up with a variety of rationalizations for why running was a thing to be avoided at all costs. First of all, it made you sweat. Then there was the potential for shin splints and side-aches. Of course there was always the youthful fear of not being able to measure up to the others, of being too slow, or not being able to run far enough. The whole thing made me uncomfortable, and I didn’t like it one bit.

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