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5 Adventure Sports Worth Trying This Year

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Adventure sports are a major money making activity all over the world, and while most enthusiasts usually head to New Zealand – the adventure sport capital of the world – to experience some of the rarest and most extreme sports there are, not everyone needs to make that trip to indulge in some adventure sports. With the spread of these sports almost everywhere, you can find majority of these in your own country. Here are five adventure sports that are increasingly being offered by adventure sport companies’ world over. This new year, try something different, have a look at these and take your pick:



One of the oddest adventure sports originating from New Zealand, zorbing is now turning into a rage worldwide. It’s quite a simple sport really – you are strapped inside a giant rubber ball and then rolled downhill at speeds of upto 30 miles per hour. It’s also considered to be a rather safe sport, and cases of individuals puking inside the ball are minimal. What’s more, no special skills are required to do zorbing which makes it one of the rare adventure sports that are suitable for everyone. The thrill of the sport lies in being inside the rubber ball and rolling down at a great speed which makes it a truly exhilarating experience. Fortunately, for adventure sport enthusiasts, you no longer have to travel to New Zealand to indulge yourself in the sport. Zorb centres are now being opened across the United States, and adventure companies are offering zorbing as an activity at a decent price for you to try. Look for the nearest adventure travel agency and ask about zorbing facilities in and around your location. Log on to www.zorb.com to know more.


Kite Surfing

Love surfing, but are bored of the usual waves? Don’t worry, there’s always kite surfing. It combines elements of surfing, windsurfing, paragliding and even gymnastics into one sport. This adventure sport is considered to be the most extreme water sport and here’s why – kite surfing is done by attached a surfboard to an oversized kite. What you have to do is cut through the water while on the surfboard which is basically being moved by the wind. The kite used the wind to fly, and surfing on water not knowing where the kite is going to take you next is a thrilling experience. The idea is that you aren’t completely in control of the surfboard, and one moment you might be moving smoothly, and the next moment you’re propelled in an entirely different direction. This lack of control makes kite surfing ideal for adrenaline junkies. Kite surfing is offered at various beach locations and resorts, and can be done by anyone who has done surfing before. There are of course a fair number of precautions one must take, so make sure the person or agency offering the sport is adequately equipped and has some form of certification.


Dirt Biking

Cycling is a physical challenge loved by a lot of people, and mountain biking is an option commonly sought by people who want to experience adventure with cycling. If you’re one of them and are still looking for more ways to combine cycling with a unique spin of adventure, then try dirt biking. This sport is not done with a cycle, so don’t expect pedals and a leg workout, but instead expect some heavy pressure on your upper body. Dirt biking is done with a regular bike that runs on an engine – a heavy machine that requires great upper body strength to maneuver it. A dirt biking course is designed to be rough and challenging, and as you progress, you can even try mountain trails. However, if you’re a beginner, take it slow and follow the instructions given to you in a beginner’s course. Don’t go motocross mode and try dangerous maneuvers in the very first go – it’s not an easy sport. Take it with ease.


Sky Diving

A rather known adventure sport, yet one which attracts adventure sport enthusiasts again and again because of its sheer extremity. Sky diving is nothing but strapping yourself on to another person and jumping off a plane at a height that ranges from anywhere between 8000 ft. to 14000 ft. usually, and then experiencing a minute long freefall before landing on the ground after a five minute parachute flight. The freefall is what makes the entire experience absolutely worth the money, no matter how many times one does it. Sky diving is usually done as a tandem jump with an experienced instructor, although experienced sky divers can do a solo jump as well. A good adventure sports agency will typically start with a 30 minute ground training session, following which you board a plane and then jump. Sky diving is also an expensive sport if done with a certified agency, but don’t be afraid to spend that money. Jumps usually start from $250 and can go up depending on the type of jump. A must try for every adventure sport lover.


This rather obscure sport was first started on the Cresta Run at St. Moritz, Switzerland by a group of vacationers themselves, and although bobsledding has nothing to do with bobbing sleds, it’s a sport that guarantees adrenaline rush. Sleds were originally made of wood, but were then replaced by steel sleds because the latter could go at greater speeds downhill. Bobsledding is a thrilling experience, but is also extremely dangerous. It is done by sitting in a steel bobsled, and going downhill at a great speed – a typical bobsled run is about 1500 meters long and has 15-20 turns along the way. The speed makes bobsledding very attractive, but a word of caution – do it only after proper training and preferably with a trained instructor.