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5 Healthy Benefits of Traveling

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Healthy Traveling : For human survival, travel is in fact, a necessity. Traveling is not just for the financially affluent, it doesn’t need to be a luxury at all. For most of us, travel happens from a young age itself with family, and we keep moving around to take a break with friends or wherever our work takes. There are numerous fun elements associated with traveling, but did you know that traveling serves some significant health purposes as well? Here’s a look at 5 excellent health benefits of travel:

Stress Management

Traveling can be a great stress buster. It’s always a good feeling to be able to get out of our daily monotonous routines once in a while and go out there to experience a new city or country all together. We know the many negative effects chronic stress can have over our bodies, but rarely do we consider traveling to be an ideal solution for stress. For the majority of us, travel is about spending time alone, or with close family and friends, relaxing and letting our bodies breathe. The pace of daily life does not leave much room for de-stressing because we’re always caught up with something. A destination away from home lets you unwind with ease, and believe it or not, even a good one or two days of travel away from home can leave you feeling rejuvenated both mentally and physically. Travel needn’t be about fancy hotels and luxury experiences – sometimes a budget holiday can prove to be much more effective. A well planned and executed trip can help bring down stress levels, so do your homework and have everything planned well beforehand to avoid last minute stress situations. Look for a destination which will give you much deserved peace and calm.


Traveling does mean a lot of moving around – a simple trip to a museum can give you a healthy dose of exercise as you browse through the displays or even roam around the town or city. And the best part is, the physical exercise one can derive out of travel is significantly more than the amount you get everyday doing everyday chores and work because of the sheer fact that you’re always out doing something new or the other. What’s more, traveling isn’t about sweating it out the way you would at a gym either – the most common form of exercise you will get will be through walking unless you try out a few adventure sports. While we do walk a fair amount daily, one can always use the additional dose they get while traveling. The best way to explore a new place is to go around on foot, so give the public transport a skip the next time you travel – opt to go sight seeing on foot and your travel experience will turn out to be richer and better.

Exploring the Outdoors

On a day to day basis, once we’re done with our daily chores, work and other preoccupations, rarely do we consider spending time outdoors. The weekends are perhaps the only time when we step out to enjoy the outdoors with friends or family, but a lot of us even choose to sleep in. While traveling, you’re more or less always out. Living and breathing the fresh air is extremely healthy for your body – a source of instant positivism and energy we all need a dose of. While the effect of the outdoors also varies according to the destination you’ve chosen for your trip, one does not need an expansive beach or lush rainforest to get a taste of the outdoors. A simple view of a city park or the city skyline from a highrise building can bring you one step closer to appreciating the smaller pleasures of life which can only be enjoyed outdoors. If the indoors have always signified comfort while we’re back home, the outdoors become a source of endless inspiration while we travel.

Healthy Eating

While this might not hold true for every kind of travel, it is something we don’t usually notice about ourselves either. While traveling, because of the additional exercise we tend to get, along with the relatively packed sightseeing schedules and itineraries, our meals also become much more organized. The unnecessary snacking and junk food are replaced by a proper breakfast before you start out, followed by proper lunch and dinner times. We also like to experiment with local restaurants, which offer healthy, well cooked local cuisine options and are less likely to be serving fast food. We start eating healthier over the duration of our travel and this is a good change for the body. Getting into a healthy eating pattern is definitely something one should look to continue with even after the trip has ended – your culinary adventures should always serve as a reminder of the importance of proper meal times and healthy food options.

Mental Stimulation

Traveling provides a lot of mental stimulation and increases brain activity through the entire process of planning for the trip. More than that, exploring a new location introduces a lot of new information into your brain which you were unaware of before. The exchange of knowledge about new cultures, new languages, food, history, architecture, music, dance and other things we come across while traveling enriches our knowledge about the world around us. We become more open to ideas and people who are different from us. This coupled with the research we put into planning for our travel, accommodation, sightseeing and finances keep us mentally occupied on something that sparks our excitement as well. No matter how much we love the work we do for a living, there are times when we need a break. Traveling provides the necessary mental stimulation we need to keep ourselves mentally refreshed without even feeling overly exerted. The process of travel planning as well as what we see, hear and absorb while traveling adds to our personality.