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5 LifeStyle Mantras for 2013


As the new year 2013 sets in, apply a few lifestyle  design principles that could bring about some significant  changes in your life in the next 12 months. Make some concrete choices, live consciously and cherish every moment you get. Keep these in mind:

 Just Breathe



In 2013, the number one lifestyle mantra for anyone who wishes to balance life, achieve their   goals and bring about some positive development and growth, is to just breathe. Too often, we forget to maintain peace and calm of the mind and lose ourselves over a stressful situation. In the face of a problem, it’s important to maintain a balance, to centre yourself and to consciously focus on your breathing. Inhale slowly but deeply for five seconds, hold it for couple of seconds and exhale for five seconds. Count from one to ten backwards and take in the calming effect of deep breathing on your senses. Do this whenever you feel yourself getting worked up or stressed out. It hardly takes 20 seconds of your time and can help you slow down. A fast pace of life is good, however it’s extremely important to slow down and relish every second of life as it passes by.

Exercise Ball Your Way to Fitness

Just because you do not have the time to hit the gym in your daily schedule, does not mean exercise should take a backseat. Investing in a good exercise ball is yet another lifestyle mantra which can work wonders for those pressed for time, yet want to stay fit. An exercise ball can be used for a variety of workouts, and one can find online videos explaining in detail how you can use an exercise ball to workout at home. When it comes to exercise, make no excuses this new year. Find ways to fit it into your schedule, and invest in things which will help you achieve your goals. A leaner, slimmer, fitter you can be achieved by using an exercise ball to your advantage – try a variety of exercise combinations and figure out which one suits you best. What’s more, an exercise ball is a compact thing and can be fit in almost anywhere. Whether you are traveling or off to another city for work, carry it with you and keep your exercise regime going.

Black for Better Sleep

While this may not be true for everyone, it has been found in studies that a pitch black environment helps one to sleep better. Get black out curtains for your bedroom, cover any LCD screens with a black cover and create an absolutely pitch dark environment to sleep in. Aim for a sleep time of a minimum 7-8 hours and follow the 90 minute sleep cycle rule diligently to ensure that you wake up more energized and fresh in the morning. Sleeping better is not only about the environment, but also your sleep routines, food habits and intake of substances such as caffeine over the day. To bring about some positive changes in lifestyle, sleep is one of the best places to start. Have a proper sleep time at night and wake up on time in the mornings, reduce caffeine intake towards the evening and don’t go to sleep empty stomach – eat, however little it maybe to prevent yourself from snacking late at night or experiencing a broken and disturbed sleep. It’s also a good idea to meditate for 5-10 minutes once you’re in bed and allow sleep to kick in. A sound sleep needs peace and calm both mentally and physically, so focus on creating such an environment at home.

Company Always Matters

The company you keep matters a lot when it comes to your lifestyle. Whether it is food habits, exercise or other lifestyle aspects, the people around you have a huge impact on the choices you make. Like minded individuals who share a common lifestyle goal with you and are as motivated as you are the right company to be in if you’re serious about your goals. Going to the gym with a friend who isn’t serious about his fitness goals and comes with you only to chat up and gossip is the influence you might want to stay away from – instead find a friend who can motivate you further with their vigor to succeed and you can make some actual progress towards your goals in their presence. Choose your friends wisely and make smarter lifestyle choices with them. Being the company of like minded people who associate with your lifestyle goals is an important mantra for success.

Take Action Everyday

A complete lifestyle overhaul is hardly recommended. Once you’ve identified your goals, it’s important to start taking action on a daily basis. Take  baby steps. When it comes to lifestyle, less is always more and one should focus on small steps towards personal development. The mantra is to break down your action plan into manageable chunks which do not overwhelm you. Set yourself one, concrete goal for the whole year and work towards it one day at a time. Plan your steps monthly such as focus on starting exercise in January, cutting back on junk food in February and intensifying your workout routine in March. As time passes, these habits will set into your system. Don’t try to achieve too many goals at once and change too many habits at once, focus on one goal or habit at time.