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5 things to be Grateful for in your Life


When it comes to identifying things we’d rather not have in our lives, the task turns out to be simpler than we thought. But can you say the same about things you should be grateful for? Sometimes, the things we take most granted are the ones which deserve most of our gratitude as well. It’s not all too difficult either, one only needs to stop and think about the various things around us, big or small which make us who we are. Gratitude need not be expressed with material gifts or words of kindness either. It is more of an inner state of being which influences your entire outlook about the world. We all must take that step towards thanking people and nature for giving us an opportunity to explore life. Gratitude does not take your time, it is something you must carry with you no matter where you go or who you become. Here’s a list of five things we all must be grateful for:


Your family is that group of people who love you wholeheartedly, and who always wish the best for you. Your parents, siblings, grandparents, all of them have a story to tell about you. It does well to be grateful for having a family to live with, or to even have the subtle satisfaction that they are there back home waiting for you. There are millions of people out there who have lost their families in war, disease and even crime. So if you are blessed enough to have your family close to you, don’t hesitate to tell them that you love them. Express yourself and communicate with them as much as you can, they are the closest kin you have in the world.

The 5 Senses

If you have been lucky enough to be able to use all your five senses of eyesight, smell, taste, hearing and touch, be grateful. These senses help you experience the beauty of the world as it is, and meet different people everyday. It is worth remembering that someone out there might not have been as lucky when they were born, or in the course of life’s circumstances itself, so be grateful that you can still use all your faculties and are in complete control of your five senses. Protect them and at the same time extend a helping hand to those who are differently-abled, because a part of expressing gratitude lies in knowing what it feels like to live a life devoid of any of these senses.

The Earth

The Earth has provided us with everything that mankind has needed in order to survive, and more. Our planet is important and it’s sustenance cannot and must not be compromised with. Respecting the environment and all living beings is a form of expressing your gratitude towards the planet. Recognize the natural world and learn to spend more time in it, because it will bring you closer to the Earth. We all come across Save The Environment campaign, but we usually turn a blind eye. A good place to start is to keep your neighborhood clean, and encourage environmentally sound values among children and adults alike.

Friends and Colleagues

In the absence of family, our friends become the closest we have when it comes to love, trust and care. A small group of trustworthy and fun friends can transform your life, and it probably has. Be grateful for the bunch of people who you call friends because they’ve been around through your ups and downs. At the same time, be grateful for having your colleagues in your life, the very people who you work with and spend perhaps more than half of your day with. Keep a close knit group of friends and be grateful for their patience and kindness at all times. No matter what you do, never take your friends for granted.


Your fears make you who you are. Everyone has fears, yet they must not be treated as something to be afraid of. Fears are important cues to find strength because in overcoming your fears, you become stronger. One who believes that he has no fears is grossly mistaken. Fear helps you find opportunities for self-growth as well a sense of deep satisfaction when it is overcome. Fears are a part of the human experience and one must be grateful for having fears, it only goes onto to help you become a better person, one who is not afraid to try for success.