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8 Lifestyle Changers For a Healthy You


The hectic schedules and mounting work pressure in today’s life invariably forces people into taking up the most comfortable lifestyle, thus putting on stake their bodies. How often do we skip meals? How often do we go out for walks? Well, you answer yourself.

A quick reality check on whether the word “lazy” defines you too.

Cancelling plans makes you happy. The word “exercise” makes you fret. The couch is the best place to eat and sleep. The doorbell is the worst and the remote is your best friend.

Life plays dice with us. It throws several choices at us every day, every moment. We choose, our life is chosen. We choose to lose, our life is frozen. Learn that there’s no undo button in life. Learn that there is nothing more sacred than the body that harbors our soul. Treat it to perfection and reap the rewards. We have so many real life examples that portray such successful makeovers from their rotting lifestyles to the now rocking lifestyles! Going healthy is the only way out of the mess of stress.

The noxious grasp of the unrestrained desires of watching television till late night and gorging on junk foods are easy to beget, but they are one’s life’s greatest regrets. If the body is not kept in a good condition, life is hardly generous while giving a second chance. It is up to us to determine what we want.

Here’s how you get on the bandwagon of health!

1. Strong willpower

Willpower is like the engine to the mind. Igniting the passion and putting the mind into action will pay off. The constant pumping of the fuel called desire is what keeps the engine like mind going forward. Once the momentum is gained from the inside, there is no stopping. Perseverance, Passion and Resistance are the keywords that set fire to the desire.

Some mundane habits that will make you aware of the effects of will power are:

  • Tired to take your dog out for a walk? You’d rather go sit first, watch TV, relax and then go?
  • Trying to get off Facebook? (Heck yeah I know how many nods I’m getting!) Delete the Facebook app off your IPhone or whatever phone you carry. Let your finger memory run dry; let the mind run dry for some time and experience the blithe freedom.

Strip your mind off the comforts and do what needs to be done, not what the mind asks you to do.

2. Feel good about yourself

It is imperative to feel good about oneself before plunging into any activity. The soul needs some pep talk before embarking on that path of self-realization encompassing a change of lifestyle. Wear good clothes, meet close friends, go shopping, go pub hopping, join a dance class, paint, do everything that makes you feel good!

3. Diet control

The most important step in achieving a healthy lifestyle is controlling what you eat. The famous proverb, “You are what you eat” has many a testimony to its reality. As Mayer said, Your body is a wonderland. Yes it is. Treat it like one. Treat doesn’t mean like a tart treat or a pie treat, treat means something that leaves the body in a state of persistent, not temporary bliss.

Some measures one could take to immediately see the effects of a good diet:

  • 2 glasses water in the morning: Start with 1, increase slowly to 2. It is a dizzy task at first but keep faith, the body is just starting to realize that it’s getting a new owner, it’s trying to come out of the inertia it was set in so solidly. Imagine the jerk you get when a moving car stops and swerves in a different direction suddenly, that’s what happens with the body.
  • Water: Continue drinking clean water throughout the day. It rids the body off the toxins and thins the blood to allow a clear circulation. Aerated drinks only aerate you, nothing more nothing less. The smart take the hint.
  • Lots of fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are like Pandora boxes for the bodies. Their nutrient count is endless when compared to other foods. From antioxidants to fibres, from water to vitamins, fruits whether dry or normal, are the totems of good health.
  • Alcohol/Smoking: Alcohol when taken in limited amounts, i.e. a glass or two of wine a week is good for health whereas smoking in any way is injurious to health.


Here are some of the ill effects of having an unhealthy diet.

Cancer, Obesity, Heart disease, Poor oral health, Bone degradation, Premature Aging

(You simply don’t want to lose out on the exterior beauty do you?)

Everyone says healthy lifestyle is boring, diets are boring. Just do a quick Google check before saying that again!

4. Exercise

The last word in anyone’s dictionary, exercise is an innocent victim of laziness.

The popular saying “If God had wanted me to exercise, he would’ve put diamonds on the floor” is testimony to the statement that exercise requires unreasonable motivation which is generally absent from our lives. We might blame the genes, we might blame the weather but all the reasons covertly culminate into one’s own laziness. Well, here’s some good news guys! News study shows even 20 minutes of brisk walking/running everyday helps one immensely in keeping fit. It won’t leave you in the best shape but it sure will leave your soul feeling rejuvenated!

That isn’t much to ask for is it?

5. From virtual to real

The dependency on Facebook has added to the sedentary lifestyles of people. Laziness overpowers the thought of hanging out with friends. Tap the willpower and go out! Live life, it’s only once you get to do such madness.

6. From TV to Broadway/theater/cinema

In the days of torrents, cinema has taken a backseat. But answer one simple question; has the movie on TV/PC excited you as much as the movie in the cinema with popcorn and creaky seats? Be true to yourself. The charm of coming closer to the story is found only in the art clan filled theaters,

7. Take up hobby classes

  • If the paintings at the art exhibition you “had” to attend forcibly sent you into an emotional turmoil of the fact that such stuff could be made by you too, then go ahead. One thought in a head is better than an empty mind.
  • Cooking is one thing that relieves the tension for many.
  • Games like football, not on TV but play. When you’re blessed with 2 feet and a mind to appreciate the game, why waste your vision on a TV?

8. Your body is a wonderland!

Life needs major overhauling if you feel the body’s giving up at the end of every day. Spa sessions, even if done at home can do wonders to the body and soul alike. Or better, run to the kitchen, grab some groceries and mix them to the tune of Google home remedies and voila! The body becomes a wonderland!

  • Spa packages, if costly then opt for a home steam session
  • Scrub and exfoliate
  • Pedicure and manicure
  • Oil your hair
  • Get a haircut
  • Take Vitamin E/ Multi Vitamin capsules
  • Females: Buy/share cosmetics; Males: Buy the latest Xbox or PS action game!

Hope this helps in getting you on the path to a healthier lifestyle!