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9 Water Sports That Will Leave You Wanting More

water sports

Water, apart from being the origin of life on this planet is also beloved by we Earthlings for its thrills as much as its beauty. Gone are the days of amusement water parks with their rules and lines; get real! Once you get a taste of the ocean and explore the depths of our planets natural pools and seas, you’ll never want to go back.  So, dive into this unmissable list of the world’s most thrilling water sports.

water sports

1. SURFING Once you’re in the water, there’s no chickening out. It is advised to take lessons but in the end it’s only the surfer that hits the waves, not the teachers! Experienced surfers can ride waves in excess of 10 feet. Surfing is now a global trend, with few coasts on the planet left untouched by a surfboard.

Gold Coast, Australia Private lesson – $100Group lesson (6 people) – $50
Mentawei Islands, Indonesia $275/day
Kuta, Bali 3 day course – $995 day course with visit to other surfing spots – $190

*Cost depends on number of people and the package purchased.

water sports2. JET SKIING Jet skiing is basically having your own rocket that runs on water and requires little to no experience: it’s a no-brainer. It also doesn’t require a huge investment, as jet-skiis can often be rented for the day at a reasonable price. Grab a lifejacket and rev your engines. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. Activity available in most coastal and lakeside regions!

water sports

3. KITE SURFING These massive kites are guided by cables and strings that are manipulated to steer and negotiate gusts of wind. You’re definitely going to want some training in handling the kites which can become unmanageable when the wind reaches very high speeds.

Perth Beach, Australia Indian ocean, 12000 km of coastline, perfect weather
Daugo Islands, Papua New Guinea Beautiful reefs and clear waters
Shark Bay, Cape Verde, Africa 1-3 m waves, beautiful clear waters

water sports

4. WATER SKIING Ever wondered what running on water would feel like? Here’s the chance to find out. You’ve spent enough time on Youtube that you should know this by now, but just in case, here’s a pointer: good balance is key.

Colorado River, US Witness speedboat races
Lake Shasta, California Little coves and secret inlets
Neorion Bay, Greece Most picturesque island in Greece, sparkling clear waters

water sports


Imagine flirting with danger as you navigate some of the roughest watery terrain on the globe. Kayaks are relatively inexpensive compared to surf boards but learning how to handle yourself is crucial before taking to the water. Once you’ve gone through the necessary training, you can kayak over waterfalls or alongside whales in the middle of the ocean; the waters of the world are your oyster.

Croatia City of Dubrovnic, iridescent waters, steep rugged cliffs with pine forests $47 / day trip
San Juan, Washington Whale watch tours $89 / day trip

water sports

6. POWER-BOATING One of the most popular boating activities in the world, this activity is self-explanatory. Just try not to let the awesomeness go to your head. If you plan on reaching very high speeds, training is important.

Almost all waters in the world offer power-boating!

water sports


7. FREE DIVING Only for experienced divers, this activity requires very strong swimming skills and the ability to hold one’s breath for a very long time. If you have these skills under your belt, you will love free diving without the weight and noise of diving equipment. Discover the pristine beauty of underwater caves and marine life unencumbered.

Place View and Perks
Sipadan Island, Borneo Patrolling hammerheads, multicolored reef fish, turtles swimming freely
Manihiki Atoll, Cook Islands 80m deep lagoon, oyster farms,hurricane debris of houses and cars underwater
Million Dollar Point, Vanuatu Seafloor covered with fridges, trucks, and artillery dropped by the US military during WWII

water sports


Scuba diving involves deep sea diving equipped with wet suits and oxygen tanks. Scuba diving offers the chance to explore parts of our planet that few people ever get to experience. The mysteries of ages-old shipwrecks and colorful coral reefs are unveiled in this silent, underwater world.


Place View and perks Cost*
Galapagos Islands, Central America Electric blue waters, whale sharks, dolphins, hammerheads, green sea turtles. All in a single dive! $180-$200/3 immersions, pre-book, full day trip
Great Barrier Reef, Australia Largest, most vibrant coral community, enchanting and endangered sea life Varies depending on package chosen
Jellyfish Lake, Palau 12,000 year-old lake, school of stingless Jellyfish (snorkel only) $115/dive

Costs usually depend on whether one requires a diving certificate or not, training or no training and finally, a vacation package combined with diving or just diving.

water sports


Yes, you zip yourself into a large, iridescent, plastic orb and roll about on the waves like an oversized bubble or a fish in a bowl. What’s not to love?

Mumbai-Pune Expressway, India
Birmingham, UK

Gain a new appreciation of Earth’s natural bodies of water and for your own strength and abilities as you master these exhilarating water sports. If you happen to live right next to the seas, you’ve got a new hobby in the making. Someone once said H20 is two parts heart and one part obsession; surf’s up!

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