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What is Resolution Tweet?


“Do you remember your last year resolution?

We are guessing No!

If you do then have u turned your resolution to reality yet!

How many times in the past u have been successful?

We are again guessing …Not Many!

If you have achieved it?

Then we are really happy for u

However our research says 95% of the times people forget their new year resolutions after the hangover from the new year party. If they have made any resolution in the first place.

We have got some best statements from our research

We heard ‘em saying


  • I haven’t given a thought.
  • I am busy planning for the new year party
  • Oh Man! Give me a break it’s not even new year
  • It’s too early to make a resolution
  • I’ll give it a thought after 31st
  • I’ll think about it in the new year, let me enjoy this one
  • It never worked so I am not gonna try this year

However there are also people who turned their resolution to reality, but they too admit that its not easy remembering it!

And we are guessing you are the one who want to turn your resolution to reality and we see ur determined

So here is the website for the people like you who just don’t “talk the talk” but “walk the talk” or want to Walk the talk” put the thought to action with a positive attitude and change your life in this new year…..

Here is the Deal for you….hey mind it….ITS COMPLETELY FREE

So all we need is your time

We offer you a website where you post your new year resolution, whatsoever

From working hard to partying harder, from making more money to charity, from growing in your job to next level to being a good human being

Whatever is your resolution you post

And we remind you or rather we say “BUG” u when u wat, how u want and how often u want it”

Simple steps

Write it

Post it

Forget it

Party hard on 31st

And we will bug u with our reminder with an inspirational quote and motivate you to achieve it

U can also keep a tracker of the progress of your resolution

Now remembering your new year resolution and achieving it is fun and easy….but mind it only your attitude towards it can drive it….

And Hey fella thanks for reading, now start using and finally don’t forget to party and let go off the things u couldn’t achieve in this year…

We wish u a fresh start and forget not to refer your friends……:-)