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10 Affirmations for Inner Peace

affirmations for inner peace

These 10 affirmations for inner peace will help you center and relax yourself no matter how hectic the world around you may be. Feeling inner peace is important because it leads to self-reliance and helps relieve stress during difficult times. No matter what you are going through, you can trust your own inner experience to help you through.

There are many things in the world that are out of my control– but, I am in control of how those things affect me.

I am unshakeable. My inner self is strong and solid.

Everything that tests me and challenges me is an opportunity to learn.

I am whole and complete. I do not need to be fixed or improved.

I have done my best and my best is enough.

I deserve calm. I deserve happiness.

The world is not bent on destroying me, but on strengthening, empowering and teaching me.

 I deny ___________(whatever is bothering you, be it jealousy, anger, stress or sadness)____ has any power over me. I invite _______________(whatever you need; happiness, calm, tranquility, joy, health)___ and accept it when it comes my way.

Chaos no longer interests me. I choose peace.

All that is, right now, is as it should be.

What affirmations do you use to restore a tranquil mind and a peaceful outlook?

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