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10 affirmations for manifesting joy

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Are you feeling down? Do you find yourself sinking into negative patterns of thinking throughout your day? Manifest more joy in your daily life by implementing these affirmations for manifesting joy in your daily routine. Say them out loud or post them in a prominent place in your office. Let them be a little ray of sunshine whenever you need a pick-me up. Improve your negative or anxious outlook on life by repeating them every day.

  • “I am a beacon of light. My goal is to make the world around me a brighter, happier place.”
  • “There is nothing I can do to improve this moment. Everything is as it should be.”
  • “I am a happy person.”
  • “Joy fills me whenever I look in the mirror. Whenever I see my own face reflected back at me, it will be a reminder to myself to smile and be grateful for what I have.”
  • “I celebrate this moment, for there never has been and never will be another like it!”
  • “I accept joy in my life. I am deserving of happiness.”
  • “Every choice I make is made with the purpose of bringing more joy into my life. I only embrace those things that are fulfilling and promise goodness.”
  • “I love to laugh. I surround myself with people who are funny and fun. I recognize the silly sanctity of a good giggle.”
  • “All is well.”
  • “When given the choice, I choose happiness over regret, freedom over bitterness and joy over lingering on the things I cannot change.”

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