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10 Affirmations to Bring Money Into Your Life

affirmations to bring money

Feeling a little short on change? Want to finally get your bills off of your mind? Whether you’re looking for a new job or just hoping to make a larger profit off of your current endeavor, these money-making affirmations are a great way to boost your self-confidence and manifest your monetary goals.

  • “I deserve a bountiful life. I am worthy of success and happiness.”
  • “I attract prosperity with every action I take. I make choices that bring me closer to my goal.”
  • “I am great at saving my money. I visualize my savings getting bigger every day.”
  • “I love how my work provides everything that I need.”
  • “Making money is just a way of providing myself with (blank). My bank statement is just a bunch of numbers. Having (blank) is what is really important.”
  • “I am so happy now that I have found a job that I love that pays me X amount. I am so grateful that my work is fulfilling and I make X amount every month/year.”
  • “I deserve to be fairly reimbursed for the great work that I do.”
  • “I am a money magnet.”
  • “Desiring money is not selfish or greedy. When I ask for money, I am accepting the prosperity that is my right. I turn money into (blank), (blank) and (blank).” (Maybe your will fill in the blanks with “Taking my friends out to dinner, a new bike and traveling the world!”)
  • “Prosperity is mine. I see myself as wealthy and happy as I could be. I am grateful that this is my reality.”

You’ll notice that some of these affirmations to bring money implement positive language, while others also engage visualizations or talking like you have already achieved your goals. Be sure to reinforce your mantras with positive thinking and to make them a part of your daily routine for the best results. Sticking a post-it with your affirmation on your mirror or computer is another great way to remind yourself that you are bringing money into your life!

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