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How to balance work and life


“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”

Life is a medley of events that shape a person. Bread earning and subsequent enjoyment is the way of life for the common man. The growing imbalance between work and the simple pleasures of daily life has sent the victim into such frenzy that the person imbibes this precarious condition in his reality.

Scientists have their boiling chemicals to attend to, architects have to ground their designs, chefs have to cater to the needs of the hotel, and drivers have to wheel through the myriad circles stopping at their homes only around the corners. The irony of earning money from monotony to spend on living a free life is biting.

Many of us forget that striking the right chord only produces pleasant music. Likewise, a perfect harmony between work and pleasure will exalt one’s soul to a level of sweet satisfaction. Most of our life is spent in figuring out who we are, and this moment of truth is clouded by the fact of spending the remaining life in becoming what others would like us to be. This creates stress and stress digs a trench so deep that once you fall, it is difficult to come out. The neurons that fuel your brain become taught, blood pressure increases and the body yields in to the pressure. In cases where one is not able to vent out the anger of such work related stress, life becomes a victim to the lustful strings of frustration.

Ways to balance work and life:

1. Choose a superman in your life- A superman is that person with whom you can share your secrets and fly to faraway lands where there is no one around you. This could be your father, mother, brother, sister, best friend, best friend’s brother/sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, son, daughter, nephew, niece, pet dog, pet cat, pet fish, whoever! This person will act as the stress-buster ball. A 5 minute pep up talk will change the perspective with which one views the world.

2. Make a choice or prioritize- Life offers choices every second, hence it changes every second. What we have chosen already has made us what we are today, capable of making decisions to shape our present. What one doesn’t understand is that worrying about tomorrow is going to make your present past tense.

The basic understanding lies in the fact that one has to prioritize between life and work. As the choice is made, the uncertainty settles down and the soul embarks upon a new quest of a new choice, of a new life.

An example is: ABC returns home, tired from the long drawn day at the research lab. The pet dog greets ABC with such enthusiasm that the tired ABC has to give in to the frivolous demands of the canine. The dog is the superman. The choice of playing with the dog was in ABC’s hands, and he chose to play and not sulk and stay away.

3.Lower self-expectation: You’re not born to please anyone but yourself on this Earth. But the truth is that one should set a reasonable level of expectation from oneself. While it seems mentally that the bounties are infinite but the body gives in to the insurmountable pressure. The physical pressure of what seems a mental torture increases the body’s demand to rest. And the vicious circle of the conflict between the body’s innocent desire and the dutiful mind’s work desire keeps rolling.

Water comes to you in free regular bottles but you want to pay because that makes you feel like you’re drinking packaged water. Why?

4. Get organized Manage time effectively at the work station and earn yourself the chance to celebrate life. Learn to set work hours only for professional tasks and no other jobs. But also learn how to not intermingle personal time with professional time. When the work hours are over, take it as a warning signal or an alarm clock, but close whatever you’re doing.

5. Take up hobby classes: Looking forward to that salsa class with your partner? Go ahead, enroll! When the mind is overworked, certain positive pressure works wonders in reducing the stress levels manifold.

6.      Take family vacations: There are enough leaves in your account and you still fret over not having had a vacation in years. The problem lies in the fact that we are all lazy, and greedy. We need quick money, save on it and splurge it later when the savings transform into a fortune. Why? Work is important, but had there been no life in the body, would any work have been possible? It is important to give rest to the body, let it bask in the glory of the tasks it has performed. Let your family know how much they mean to you by taking  some days off from work and spend alone time with kids or spouse. Go on a vacation and celebrate the freedom that life offers you.

 7.      Take work from home occasionally: Talk your boss into letting you do your tasks from home occasionally so that some professional time is interspersed with personal time. This has a synergistic effect. The family is happy as well as the work also doesn’t suffer.

 8.      Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Have a good-looking girl/guy who you can gym with? Go ahead. Grab that water bottle and the towel, sweat it out on the treadmill with music and friends, enjoy healthy meals and allow the body to come out of the monotony of life by resettling into its natural tendency.
  • Take up yoga or meditation to unchain the mind of all the stress and allow it to start refresh.
  • Change the diet. Include loads of water, fruits and vegetables to keep you sprinting throughout the day.

9.      Build an organizational scheme to include de-stressing lessons: Talk to the boss and the employees and ask for introduction courses in the art of living, time management, yoga, meditation etc. These short courses can be done in batches and employees can get their family members in certain batches. This way the frustration levels of employees can be kept under check and the family stress will also subside with subsequent sessions.

 10.  Pamper yourself: Family sure is a priority but one should also understand that the family is possible only when the body exists. Indulge your body in some steaming sessions. Go for spa treatments, buy good clothes for yourself, and go for a lone vacation. So many things but one motive: to make the body and the soul happy.


A little love for work spiced with generous amounts of family time and topped with enough self-pampering as garnish, life is going to be a dish worth the relish!