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Bucket List : What is your Resolution ?


When was the last time you made a resolution, and kept your word on it? And when was the last time someone rewarded you for having a smart resolution? Are you thinking of creating a bucket list ?
Welcome to ResolutionTweet. We know that it’s not just important to have resolutions, but have the right support and help in achieving those resolutions. We celebrate the launch of the ResolutionTweet Mobile App in the App Store, and here’s a little treat for you. The Bucket List – What’s Your Resolution Contest, where you can win for having a resolution that clicks.

We at ResolutionTweet believe that nothing is impossible, if we have people to share our hopes and dreams with. Resolution Tweet is a simple app that helps transform your resolutions into action. It will provide the energy and motivation to change that “Wish” list into a “Will” list. Building on the model of collective informed decision, this app goes beyond just sending reminders, to help you take action along with others around you, helping you focus on what matters the most. It’s different from the typical to do list and task list apps out there, helping you in coming up with plans to achieve your resolutions/goals. It lets you share your resolutions with friends, family and people with similar interests, motivating you to work for it along with them and preparing your for success. Now it’s not just you towards the goal, it’s a team effort, it’s the beginning of a reality It will help you discover new ways of getting things done. It’s fast, easy and you’ll love it.

Learn more about how the idea of ResolutionTweet started and got launched

So, what part of your life do you want to change this year? Is it learning a new hobby or skill? Increasing your savings? Following that diet you’ve been planning? or Get the much needed Sleep you have been missing ?We’ll make your resolution count, all you have to do is tell us what your resolution this year is, and how do you plan to make it work.

What area of your LIFE would you mostly want to Focus on and Improve in this year ?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Comment below on this blog post, giving your resolution/bucket list item in 140 characters or less, with a 50 word description of how you plan to achieve it.
  2. Once you’re done with it, go ahead and download the ResolutionTweet Mobile App for your iOS device here @ http://bit.ly/Msximx or start using the web version at www.resolutiontweet.com.

That’s it! You’re done! 5 Winners from Round 1 will win vouchers from 500 INR /- upto 2000 INR /- or $10 to $40 from Flipkart or Amazon.com!

The winners plus 10 other lucky participants will proceed to Round 2, where the stakes get higher with a Jackpot Prize of upto $200 up for grabs. Work your way through to our 21 Day Challenge for this one, use ResolutionTweet with your friends and come up with the most interesting pictures or blogposts highlighting your progress with the resolution!

A few rules:

  1. For Round 1, each participant is allowed to post only ONE resolution below on the blog post, in 140 characters or less and exceed not more than 50 words describing how you plan to achieve it. Multiple entries will not be considered, so think through before you post it.
  2. The contest is OPEN now. You’ve to brainstorm and submit one inspiring and motivational resolution.
  3. Participants will be judged on the following:

3.1 Wording

3.2 Creativity

3.3 Adventure Quotient

3.4 Exciting and Fun

3.5 SMART-ness (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely)

Details about Round 2 will be intimated to the selected few. Facebook page for all updates.

Make your freedom to change, count.