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How to Create A Bucket List With Your Partner

bucket list with your partner, how to write a bucket list

You have an amazing bucket list that puts every other bucket list in the universe to shame. You’re going to do it ALL. But wait! You’ve found yourself dating someone or you’re settled down with a partner and it occurs to you—how can I sail across the world when I’m tied down to another person’s schedule? Can we both do my bucket list together? We’re going to help guide you through some fun ways of creating a bucket list with your partner.

  • Don’t panic!

You don’t have to give up your dreams and your partner doesn’t have to weigh in on everything on your list. Conversely, you shouldn’t let the presence of a significant other in your life hold you back from achieving your dreams. If they are the right person for you, their job is to help you reach those dreams, right? Ok, take a deep breath and put down the eraser. Besides, your partner may surprise you!

  • Make two separate lists

Sit down together and make two separate lists. You could tell your partner, “Hey, I was thinking we should make a bucket list. Let’s write down all of the things we want to do in our lives.” Don’t edit yourself and tell your partner than he or she should do the same.

  • Compare notes

Did both of you guys say you want to go to the Bahamas? Awesome. You just knew you were perfect for each-other. Circle all of the things that you guys have in common. Don’t worry at all if you don’t have any items in common. Opposites most definitely can attract, besides you guys may have been thinking about different things when you wrote your lists, like travel destinations vs. life goals.

  • Talk about it

Don’t be afraid to share your dreams, especially with your partner. Ask them why spelunking in South America sounds so appealing. Explain why you’ve always wanted to visit NASA ever since you watched Contact. This is a really fun way not only to create a bucket list with your partner, but to get to know them even better.

  • Make a joint bucket list

Now that you’ve talked it out, make a third list that includes things that both of you would like to do together. It may include things you’ve both already written down and/or include entirely new ideas that you brainstorm together.

  • Take stock

If there are things that are left on your list that you really want to do alone, or that your partner has no desire to partake in, put a little star next to them. Don’t forget about them! These should remain on your own private bucket list and you should still absolutely do them. Don’t be afraid to travel alone or fear that you’ll get lonely; many of the greatest adventures in life are solo ones! If there is something on your list that you really would like your partner to participate in, make sure you express this to them. They may not realize just how important it is to you to have them tag along.

  • Make it happen!

Rewrite your bucket list so that it is neat and clean, maybe type it or draw around it—make it a work of art that is fun to look at, if you’re artistically inclined. Now that you have created a bucket list with your partner, you can get down to planning together as a couple. Decide where you’d like to start and then make it happen!

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