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10 Couples Who Said F*** the 9 to 5 Job, Quit The Rat Race and Traveling around the World


Couples who quit the 9-to-5 job rat race and traveling around the world

There are those of us who dream about traveling around the world and there are those of us who simply get up and do it. Here  are 10 couples who took action and followed their dreams. They now live free lives, where they make their own working hours, travel the world and visit all sorts of exotic places.

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Couples Who quit the 9 to 5 job  Rat Race

You can find these couples who quit the rat race on their virtual homes a.k.a Internet World and know more about their travel adventures and lifestyle while traveling.  ( Just click their names to visit their websites and get to know them)

1. Anthony and Elise

2. Caz and Craig

3. Wilson and Rachel

4. Simon and Erin

5. Lauren and Vaughan McShane

6. Jason and Aracely

7. Ryan and Jen

8. Michael and Stephanie

9. Dave and Deb

10. Nick and Dariece