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30 Ways to Express Love

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Do you find yourself only making an effort to express your love around Valentine’s Day or your anniversary? Here are 30 ideas for expressing your love not just on February 14th but all year long.


1. Have a sit-down dinner Find yourself eating rushed meals over take-out boxes or staring at the tv, side-by-by side? Sit down at a nice restaurant or cook dinner at home and look into each-other’s eyes.

2. Dance Together Too often communication barriers result within relationships and dancing is a great way to break down those barriers. Be as goofy or romantic as you like.

3. Wine-tasting Websites like Groupon have wine tasting coupons for great prices. Another fun way to spend time with your loved one is to take up a course in wine appreciation: it’s all about experiencing something new and unexpected together.

4. Write them a Letter Some of us find it easier to put our feelings into words, some of us don’t. Fortunately, writing letters is so rare that it has its own mystique and will be super romantic even if your words are simple. No matter where your loved one lives, whether they live with you,or miles away in another city – write them a letter to express your love.

5. Write a Poem Even if you have never written a poem before or consider yourself a bad writer, don’t fear. The poem you write will be something that comes straight from your heart and needn’t be perfect. Just use simple rhythm and words and focus on the feeling you want to convey.

6. Travel together This doesn’t need to be an elaborate trip to another country, it could just be a weekend getaway to a place the two of you haven’t seen before. Travel can be a great way to break your daily routine and getting away from your desk or phone will help keep you focused on giving that special someone your undivided attention.

7. Take a walk together You don’t even have to talk, just take in your surroundings and enjoy each-other’s company.

8. Share daily Chores This is something you may already do in their birthday or on holidays, but sharing chores is something you should do full-time to have a balanced, happy relationship. Be thoughtful and focus on the things you may be taking for granted because you always find them done for you.

9. Spend time with their family It is touching for them to see spending time with the people he/she loves the most and making them a part of your life as well. If their mother or father is fond of music, attend a recital with them; if their sibling is a fan of a particular sport, attend a game. Make spending time with their family as important as it is to them, they will surely love and appreciate the effort you are making.

10. Spa Day Express your love by treating your partner to a relaxing day at the spa. If you want to take it up a notch, book a couple’s spa day instead of sending your loved one to go solo.

11. Make a Playlist Music is food for the soul. You can burn your playlist onto a CD or add it directly to their music player or cellphone. Of the many ways in which you can express love, this one is extremely personal in nature. It reflects just how much you know and understand them and they can listen to your playlist anywhere they go.

12. Read Together Set aside time during the week to read with your partner and talk about the characters and their lives. It is absolutely up to you which genre you want to read with them, just focus on making it fun and enjoyable for both of you.

13. Make a Scrapbook Gather all old pictures of you and your partner, ask your common friends to help out and make a scrapbook dedicated to your relationship. Get creative and focus on the all the good times you have spent together.

14. Make a Photo Album If a scrapbook sounds intimidating, why not give them a simple photo album instead? Your loved one will love a photo album that includes pictures of the two of you together.

15. Mail Them a Postcard Even if you live with your significant other; this is an excellent way to surprise them!

16. Serenade them If you have musical talent, this is a no-brainer. Learn their favorite song or write your own.

17. Take a night walk through the city Très romantique!

18. Stick Up a Thank You Note for Them We can never quite thank our partner or loved one enough for being with us. Express your love and gratitude for them by sticking a thank you note for them somewhere around the house where they are likely to find it – it could be anywhere, on the refrigerator, on their pillow, on the dining table, or next to the television.

19. Send Them Flowers

Flowers are timeless expressions of love. Don’t wait for a special occasion to send them flowers, expressions of love shouldn’t be occasional or seasonal!

20. Bake a Cake Have a reliable, simple recipe at hand if you’re baking a cake for the first time. It doesn’t have to be a secret mission either; including them in the process can be even more fun.

21. Give Them Hugs Give them a hug just because. A little physical contact, no strings attached, can make all the difference.

22. Give them Compliments Learning to express your appreciation in words is an invaluable relationship tool. Remember to accept compliments graciously when they come your way with enthusiasm and appreciation too.

23. Do Things Outside Your Comfort Zone Too often we become used to living in our ego and refusing to change our opinions and interests. If going for a dinner party on a busy weekday with your partner means leaving work early and socializing with people you’re not fond of, then you can choose to do it not because you want to, but because it’s important to your partner. It’s the little things that count.

24. Make compromises Compromise often considered the stuff of a long-term commitment, but you don’t have to wait until marriage or for the relationship to get ‘serious’ to show that you care.

25. Make Chocolates at Home If your partner is fond of chocolates, then why not make some for them instead of buying it this time around? Chocolate making courses are all the rage these days.

  1. Give them a foot massage If your partner is on their feet all day, they will love this. Important tip: find out if they are ticklish before you start!

27. Give Them a 101 Reasons I Love You List The sheer dedication and time that this takes is an achievement in and of itself.

28. Talk about the future Whether or not you are sure this person is “the one,” having a talk about what you want your future to look like and imagining what your future could look like together can be intimidating, but eye-opening.

29. Have a picnic Treat that special someone to a picnic of their favorite foods in the sunshine. You could invite them to the park or make it a surprise by setting up on their front lawn or outside their work!

30. Without getting too graphic… If you’re in a relationship that has started to get physical, we feel confident that we can leave this last tip up to you and your imagination. Take the time to set the mood and set aside an evening focused on the person you love.