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DIY Holi Crafts for Your Loved Ones

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A festival is definitely a time for gifts. We all love showering our loved ones with gifts during occasions such as Holi, but how often do we make those gifts, instead of just buying them? This Holi season, do something different to spread the love and cheer associated with the festival of colors. Here are 5 ideas for you to try:

Holi Tie Dye

Tie dye has always been a favorite owing to the brilliant designs and colors one can create with a few basic supplies. This Holi season, make your loved ones a unique gift using tie dye – gift them something that truly symbolizes the spirit of the festival. You can choose a variety of apparel to dye, from a tshirt to cotton pants, a scarf, even a small handkerchief. The idea is to use many colors in the dyeing process to make the final product vibrant and colorful. Holi is a festival of colors, so why not give them something which they can wear, something that can brighten up their day the moment they put it on? To get an understanding of the basic tie dye process, use any of the video tutorials on the web. But making a Holi craft out of tie dye is all about your creativity. We suggest starting well ahead of time and experimenting with ideas before settling on one.

Greeting Cards

In the internet age, one often hears people say that greeting cards might well be a thing of the past. But that’s not true at all. The greeting card business is very much alive and thriving, especially in the major cities of the world. So this Holi, why not get into in some paper craft and make handmade greeting cards for your loved ones? You can get as creative as you want, experiment with different kinds of paper and colors. Add an eco-friendly touch to it by using recycled, handmade paper which is readily available at stationery stores in a variety of textures and patterns. When it comes to decorating the card, you can use oil pastels, water colors, or a simple felt pen to write down your wishes. Greeting cards made by hand for a loved one are a very personal gift and one of the best ways to communicate your love to someone on an occasion such as Holi. Make as many as you want and spread the cheer.

Natural Potpourri

Potpourri has been used for years to add fragrance to a home as well as decorate it. Most people buy potpourri, but did you know that you can make it at home as well? Although it does require a little time, it has an incredibly long life in terms of usability. If you’re looking to do something different this Holi and are willing to invest time and effort, then make potpourri at home. It can made using many different natural ingredients such as roses, lavender, tulips, freesia, seeds, citrus peel and barks. Since you’ll be making it as a Holi gift, try incorporating as many different flowers as you can for a color. You can also vary size by choosing flower buds as well – make sure you choose dried flowers, seeds and other herbs that still have a strong, fresh fragrance. The idea of potpourri is not just fragrance, but also presentation. Put it all into a bamboo basket or an open glass jar and gift it to your loved ones.

Holi Canvas Art

This can be a great addition to a Holi party, if you plan to organize one. Purchase a piece of stretch canvas and put it up on a wall, preferably outside your house, next to a lawn or similar. You can choose to cover the wall with a layer of newspapers first to protect it. The idea is to create a piece of art that is absolutely spontaneous. Ask your guests to aim at the canvas either using water or even dry colors. You can do this with a couple of friends as well if you’re not hosting a large group of people. Stick balloons filled with colored water on the canvas, use spray paint, dry colors, anything you like. Burst those balloons with darts and watch as the colors spread on the canvas. This idea is not new in art circles; generations of art enthusiasts have used this method to create abstract art. Allow the colors to dry and you can have the piece of canvas framed and gifted to a loved one. The size of the canvas is your choice – you can put multiple pieces on the same wall and get them framed separately. Each will have a distinct pattern.

Hand-painted Décor Items

Home décor will never run out of fashion due to the sheer variety of things one can use to decorate a living space. Holi themed décor items can be very easy to make: you can paint diyas, glasses, wall hangings, even bedcovers. A simple outline of Lord Ganesh can be painted on a diya or a set of glasses and this is an ideal gift for Holi. One can also paint on cloth, and make different items such as cushion covers, bedcovers etc. Yet another home décor item is a wall hanging – you can purchase an embroidery kit from the market and make a wall hanging of your own. These kits are easy to use and the steps are well-explained for those who have never done embroidery before. When it comes to ideas, the sky is the limit.