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Eating Healthy While Travel


Eating healthy while travelling is something odd to talk as you won’t know who is cooking, with what hands are they cooking, what king of oil are they using, weather the cooking utensils are  fully clean or not, many doubts come to your mind and thereby we mind eating out. But can we do anything about the style the locals cook, Can we check everything before we eat. The answer is straight NO. Yes we can’t. But by taking some simple steps we can surely stay healthy in travel. I have come up with some points anyone can follow them and stay healthy and happy.


It is difficult to cut a lot of vegetables or fruits for salad, so why not enjoy them outside? Yes I am talking salads; try to eat a lot of salads in travel they will keep you healthy and energetic. Try to eat locally available fresh fruit and vegetable salad before your lunch or dinner it not only keeps you healthy, it will keep you full and energetic for rest of travel.

Prefer less oily food. Try to avoid oily food as much as possible during travel some problems like dysentery, vomits mostly come for eating bad oil. As far as possible avoid oil or oily food.

Avoid taking local water .always prefer bottled water from a slandered brand. In water you must take mineral water trough out the travel. Never take a chance to taste local water to avoid lot of health problems. One can get mineral water anywhere these days very easily so avoiding some hotel provided water or some local water shouldn’t be a problem

    Check for allergic foods in ingredients we don’t know how locals cook and what ingredients are used to the dishes so if you are allergic to any food please check for it without any hesitation. All we can know is its taste by tasting but not ingredients by looking so check before you eat. Ask the person serving you or inform them before you order about your food requirements this will help both the person serving you and also you to select the best available food from the menu.

    AVOID ROADSIDE FOOD Unless until you are very sure of the hygiene of food never venture to eat roadside food. It is a must avoid to stay healthy all the way. Sometimes one can get the same food in good hotels nearby if you are a variety lover can taste them there but avoiding roadside food will help you a lot in travel. To talk about facts the all road side foods look very tempting we always feel like having some just in case you are prepared for some adventure in tasting then check the surroundings before you eat if you think they are good then you can taste the food sometimes we can clearly make out if we can eat or not moreover some foods are very tasty and also made cleanly but why take some risk in travel, So as far as possible avoid roadside food to stay healthy.



   All this time I am telling about what to avoid now coming to the interesting part of food EATING. Now let us see what we can enjoy eating staying healthy. One can have any boiled item don’t be hesitant to ask servers what food is boiled before serving. Any food cooked with steam and boiled will not spoil anyone’s health so anyone can eat boiled food. Drink a lot of fruit juices on the way they will help you not only in health they will help your skin to refresh and enhance while travelling. Travelling will affect your hair and skin you can help them to maintain naturalists by drinking fruit juices. So drink a lot of fruit juices. Coming to some regular food try to stick to leafy vegetable more than any other vegetables available, nowadays leafy vegetables are not only used in main course they have become part of snacks ,starters, soups and many more. Try to eat more leafy stuff while eating as they provide good iron which is very much required to anyone. Sometimes boiled or steamed food may not be available then                    go for baked food. Baking food requires less oil so it doesn’t make you fatty either. Salad with some baked food will make good magic. Take soups regularly for maintaining good health one can get any kind of soup these days but tomato soup is most common one can get this anywhere these days. So try to have this kind of food to stay healthy while travelling. Also packs according to destiny to avoid some basic problems don’t be afraid of language it is better to carry more than falling sick. If you are BP or diabetic patient then you have to be very careful your fitness in travel totally depends on the food you take so make sure you take both food and medicines in time for staying healthy all the way.

It is easy to speak and difficult  to follow sometimes of we stick to only these foods we might end up having regular food even in travel, One can experiment and taste lot of different dishes and some local specialties but ask someone who knows about it before ordering it. Sometimes there will be a lot of variety and you don’t know what to order then take hotel’s help even after then if you are not convinced then stick for regular that way you can avoid lot of complications. But if you fall sick very often or very easily then you must avoid the things mentioned above and stick to the foods mentioned strictly to enjoy your trip without any health disturbances.  But make sure you bath before you eat may not be possible during day but make sure you bath at least before dinner to keep you healthy. Take a break and enjoy above being health the purpose of s tour is enjoyment enjoy the difference, change and every moment to refresh your heart, happy travelling