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4 Must Experience Adventures Before You Kick the Bucket


Mother Nature has been kind to offer us with the great abundance of pristine locales. The best thing would be to travel and try each and every place to experience the different wonders. However, time and financial constraints keep one away from such rich indulgences. Money sure does buy happiness sometimes. The best therefore is to read through the exotic literature available on the Web before planning an adventure. You really don’t want to scuba dive in a filthy fish tank or sky dive over a desert.

Fly amok in the open skies, race the horses in the open fields, treat the eyes to an underwater extravaganza and grab the rope to flee with glee!

All these breathtaking adventures include Rock climbing, Rappelling, Bungee Jumping, Underwater Diving, Flying and Driving as their modus operandi. What makes them different and dangerous all the same is the terrain these sports are practiced on. Prefer the Alaskan snow clad trails or the plush tropical forest bed? Maybe the sub-orbital space, or the bottomless waters instead?

Create a new high score in adrenalin rush with this crazy list of adventures that will keep you hanging on the edge!

Mario got 3 lives for 1 game and you’re getting 1 life for all these games. Live it up!

Sky diving:

Soar like an Eagle and experience being on top of the world, literally. Jump off the plane and fly solo or in tandem, guzzling in the incredible panorama.

Experience the 50 second wonder free fall from 15,000 feet, as one gets a chance to flirt with the clouds! With the air whispering sweet nothings in your ears, the surreal realm overwhelms your senses. A sense of freedom, even though one is strapped to the parachute, possesses the body. A delicious dish with an amazing recipe!



View and perks


Wollongong, Sydney

View Australian Coastline comes with a free viewing of live Whales and Dolphins flapping their fins saying Hi!, Sydney

300$ for 14000 feet

(30% off for students, veterans and backpackers!)


Victoria Waterfalls, highest waterfall on Earth


Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Glacier, rainforests, lakes and Tasman Sea

300$ for 12000 feet

Deesa, Gujarat, India


Pearl Harbour, Diamond Head islands, local marine life, save 40% carbon footprint, lavish vacation on Hawaii islands

College students: 125$

Others: 150$

Deal or no deal? It’s a steal!


Bungee Jumping:

Take a leap of faith off the edge of a bridge, with only a rope defying the force of gravity! The 4-5 second moments of truth have the whole life flashing by the eyes. The end of flight tug at the feet due to the rope is the reminder of the nightmare of falling off a building. The reality beats the dream fall as the dive does leave you alive!It does take a nerve to conquer the 100 km/hr fall.



View and perks

Fall from…

The Pipeline Bungee, New Zealand

The 4 seconds to your face-off with the raging Shotover River from the world’s longest single span suspension bridge!

102 m


Fall with the pace of the 350 feet high Victoria falls, which is roaring behind the unsuspecting travelers.



Suspension bridge, a tropical gorge, a river emulating a sky.

160 m

Niouc, Switzerland

Highest drop in Europe, experience the wild and calm sides of Switzerland!

190 m

Macau Tower, China

Biggest gamble in town.‘Made in China’ but rekindles the spirit of adventure nevertheless!

233 m


Scuba Diving:

Scuba is an acronym that stands for “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus”.

Dive off the edge of the ship flaunting only a wet suit and a snorkel strapped to the oxygen cylinder in this once in a lifetime adventure! Experience the blues, the deafening silence and serenity of the deep, feast the vision on the bounties of nature; colored corals and funky fish, wrecks and remnants of caves and ships. One could go as deep as 40 meters into the wide blue yonder.



View and perks


Galapagos Islands, Central America

Effervescent blue waters infested with whale sharks, dolphins, hammerheads, green sea turtles. All in a single dive!

$180-$200/3 immersions, pre-book, full day trip

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The largest and by far the most vibrant coral community, enchanting and endangered sea creatures waving at you

Maya Thila, Maldives

Night diving, glowing sea animals that otherwise only acidified people see are a norm, sharks. A chance to enjoy the endangered city Maldives.Experience the calm in the roughest ocean, Indian ocean.

Straits of Gubal, Egypt

Shipwrecks more common than plankton. Most famous Red Sea wreck, WWII British vessel, Thistlegorm stone’s throw away from the dive site. Night dive with scorpion and lion fish.

Jellyfish Lake, Palau

12,000 year old lake. No scuba gear, only snorkel. Stingless Jellyfish ensure one doesn’t look like the grotesque blob. This school dances and prances around the diver like happy sunflowers in a field!



*Costs usually depend on whether one requires a certificate of diving or not, training or no training and finally, a vacation combined with diving or just simple diving.



Imagine floating in a blown up balloon raft, decked up as the Discovery channel river explorers, through the most threatening rivers. Ride the challenge of crossing rapids, eddies, big boulders and sudden water falls, with just the raft and the oar as your weapons! A thrilling experience for children and adults alike. Activity is available at almost all destinations with a choice of difficulty levels from 1-5. From lazy rivers to encounters with whirlpools, a much needed action and fun is lived through this activity. However, one must be cognizant of the dangers associated with rafting. Proper safety measures should be undertaken to avoid an undesirable occurrence.





Alsek and Tatshenshini rivers, Alaska

Glaciers and whitewaters, mountains on one side and tundra region on the other, border of Alaska and Canada. Grizzly bears, waltzing salmons and moose stun one with their magnificence.

Starts $125 per person

Batoka Gorge, Zambezi river, Zambia

23 rapids spanning 24 km and Victoria falls showering blessings on the rafters. Most thrilling experience!

$115-$135 for half-day

North Johnstone River, Australia

Helicopter ride to destination. Ride Class IV and Class V rapids amid volcanic gorges and rainforests. Witness glow-in-the-dark fungi and fireflies that drag the traveler in Enid Blyton’s world.


Magpie River, Canada

Spectacular 80 feet Magpie Falls add to the peril and plush. Eight day trip allows one to experience the tranquility of the pine forests and the rage of the river simultaneously.

Depends on packages

Tons River, India

Personal suggestion.Hypothermia inducing cold waters, class IV rapids + whirlpools on some routes, “Hard forward” and “Jump out” commands are common, send tsunamis of adrenaline thwarting one’s senses. Pine forests, 200 species of birds, green cliffs aka Lion King greet the rafters with cheer!

Depends on packages



Space Travel:

For everyone who thinks the world is not enough.

Imagine walking to the rocket, dolled up in the white behemoth suits, near to the likes of Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong.

The rocket propels through the atmospheric sheets and stops at 100 km above the sea level in the sub-orbital space.

An eerie peace and quiet possesses the traveler as the curvature of the bountiful blue Earth becomes the only sight, almost like an event horizon of your vision. Zero gravity engulfs the Earth-ians.

  • Experience the real liquid oxygen-ethanol run suborbital vehicle to go into the vast vacuum.
  • Only two persons per journey.
  • 360 degree views from the rocket, float like an astronaut, flaunt like a boss!
  • Double supersonic MiG29 ride available




Bristol, UK

Starting $100,000

Vienna, USA

Starting $110,000


Hope this list finds the travelers in the best of their health and spirits. All you need now is a happy bank balance and a never ending enthusiasm to achieve it all in one lifetime!

So grab a coat, come aboard and raise a toast!