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7 One Liners To Say To Yourself in Getting Things Done


Getting things done can be difficult, and we all have had days when something that ideally should take two hours to finish, took ten because you just couldn’t come around to finishing it all up. Time management and GTD can baffle the best of professionals, but did you know that a few quick one liners can do wonders to your plans by giving that much needed motivational push? Read on.

“You don’t have all week for this.”

This sounds something that your boss would say to you when he wants something done, but it’s surprisingly effective no matter who says it. The idea behind it is that once you know you have to get something done, you need to move it out mentally, and get started on it. Remembering the task and harboring a mental to do list is counter-productive. So knowing time is limited moves out the task from the mental space to the work space.

“The bigger picture matters.”

Often while trying to finish things, we want everything to be perfect. The smaller details of the task start seeming more important than the complete outcome. But it is important to keep reminding yourself that focusing on the smaller details for too long does not do well. Or for that matter, not focusing on them can be disastrous too. At all times, the final product must be kept in mind while working to get things done in an organized manner.

“Organize or perish.”

The importance of organization cannot be reiterated enough. But the problem with modern technology is that it’s supposed to keep your work to the minimum, but it does not end up doing that all the time. The amount of options available can take a toll on our productivity and slow us down. What is important is to prioritize when it comes to the technology you want to use and clarifying a structure regarding the tools we use at work.

“Is this worth the effort?”

A certain level of worth needs to be attached to anything you do for you to it with all your heart and come out with a good product. Asking yourself is the task is worth the effort is important sometimes, to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

“Must get feedback.”

Nothing can transform a project much like feedback at quick intervals. Make sure you keep receiving feedback for any crucial progress you make in your task, and that too from a trusted person who understands your work and knows your strengths and limits. That way, you know what the flaws are and can work on them immediately, which will help you manage the task on time.

“I can’t compromise on my commitments.”

GTD creator and productivity consultant David Allen agrees on the fact that most delays in work and lack of work efficiency is caused by distractions. And distractions are caused by misplaced commitments. The thumb rule of GTD is just this. If you have committed to something, you can’t compromise on that commitment. It’s a simple yet powerful idea, that the more committed you are to your tasks, the less pleasing or attractive logging on Facebook at work becomes.

“Where is my planner?”

Planners were made for a reason. They help in breaking down your mental calender into words and helping you in capturing and recording every important detail you find while working on a given task. The idea is to keep jotting down things, this could be by making notes or making tables or diagrams. The human mind is not designed to function as a constant memory machine and does not have the capability to remind what needs to be reminded and when. It’s your job to help it by keeping your mental space free.