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Health Resolutions: Innovative Exercise Ideas


Weight loss features as one of the most commonly made resolutions by people all round the year. Health is always on our minds in today’s world where diet consciousness and fitness have become the preoccupation of every individual in a bid to look good. But while most of us start with an exercise routine and vow to follow it, we often fail because the routine becomes boring, or because we prefer activities that serve the same purpose, yet don’t feel like exercise. Here are 5 new exercise ideas which have been started in various parts of the world and have caught the imagination of fitness lovers. They are fun, effective and even affordable because they are relatively new ideas. Give them a try this new year:


Fight Club


Martial arts have long been recognized as an excellent form of both exercise and defence training. The focus on discipline, technique and control makes martial arts an increasingly popular form of exercise. A new twist has been given to this phenomenon with the emergence of something known as “Fight Club”. It’ nothing but a mixed martial arts class that teaches various forms including karate, traditional kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, Brazilian jujitsu, judo, tae-kwon-do among others. These martial art forms are extremely discipline oriented, yet a fight club class is known to be a fun fitness class which combines physical training with theoretical knowledge and skills about various cultures associated with the arts. Fight club classes are now offered by major martial art studios as well gyms. A fight club class can help you remain fit by focusing on your entire body and not just a part of it, by improving reflexes, make your muscles respond faster, and of course keep your heart healthy.


Exercise Gaming


If you’re one for indoor fitness but are bored of the regular gym routines and exercise ball workouts, try exercise gaming. It’s a fun concept that has developed with the emergence of gaming consoles such as the Wii, Sony Playstation Move and Xbox 360 which have fitness games such as Wii Fit or even yoga and dance games which allow a user to get moving as they play. This is best enjoyed with a group of friends and organized into indoor sports parties which allow for some healthy competition to set into your exercise routine. If you’re fond of gaming, then exercise gaming is going to be an extremely enjoyable way of exercising for you. Make an interesting combination of games for your exercise routine, and mix it up weekly. Consider investing in some all time favorite fitness games which you can enjoy time and again. “Exergaming” as it is often called has even been recognized by The American Council of Exercise, as an emerging phenomenon that can actually prove to be a healthy development in the realm of fitness.




Zumba is an aerobic dance and fitness routine that was started by a fitness instructor, Alberto Perez in Columbia in the 1990s. It combines Latin Music with contemporary dance beats to make dancing more exercise oriented, yet fun. It’s a high energy dance program that will get you moving in no time and at the same time burn calories effectively. A typical Zumba routine burns upto 300-600 calories in an hour depending on the intensity of the routine. Zumba classes are now offered in gyms and even as independent classes by a few dance studios. The idea behind Zumba is to make exercise easy, fun and effective wherein you don’t feel like you’re exercising at all. The dancing is extremely groovy, and the beats can leave you wanting more every single time. When opting for a Zumba class, do however make sure the instructor is licensed to be taking those classes since an unqualified instructor can be harmful and make you more prone to injuries. Zumba classes are beneficial because they are first and foremost a very refreshing take on the whole idea of exercise. These routines combine cardio, toning and strengthening moves which focus on each and every muscle of the body. You can even purchase Zumba DVDs and practice in the comfort of your home.


Boot Camp Routine


Boot camp is a more rugged form of exercise, which focuses on muscle toning and strength. There are boot camp classes offered by gyms as well, but a more economical alternative to that is to transform your very own basement or living room into a boot camp fitness class with some simple workouts. You can find some examples over here. These routines are easy to do, tone every part of your body and are ideal if you want a leaner, fitter physique. Also, these are a refreshing change from the regular workouts we find in gyms. They are intensive, yet they are effective and don’t need any fancy equipment either. If you have a look at the link above, all you really need is a sturdy piece of furniture, preferably a chair to start your boot camp routine. A floor mat, such as ones used for yoga will suffice for floor exercises. Make sure you follow adequate precautions if you’re trying boot camp routines at home. Have a proper warm before you start to get your muscles working, and make sure it is followed by a cool down. At all times, remember that your body takes a while to get used to a new exercise routine, so start slow and go at your own pace.


TV Workout


How about making your favorite TV show a partner with your exercise routine. If you often sit in front of the TV and choose to bunch of junk, get rid of those habits and instead start a TV workout routine. This does not involve using your TV to exercise, it instead involves using the duration of the TV show you’re watching and/or the commercials that come in between to exercise. Some of the ways in which you can develop a TV workout routine are:


  • moving any exercise equipment you own such as treadmill near the TV so you can catch your programs while sweating it out,
  • do pushups/crunches during commercials and try to break your personal records,

  • jog or walk on the spot while watching TV,

  • resist eating in the TV room altogether,

  • tune into some exercise shows or fitness channels on TV and get moving.

Some of you might find it hard to focus or concentrate on the exercising part while watching TV, but it will come with a bit of practice. TV workouts are not as much about focus as they are about having fun. It’s all about making exercise a different, innovative experience.