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Hobbies That Can Make You Money

hobbies that can make you money

Hobbies offer an outlet from the stress and bustle of normal life, how great would it be if you could adopt some hobbies that can make you money? Most of us will take up activities that we enjoy ; sports, knitting, reading, bowling, carpentry, just to name a few. However, you can go a step further and have your hobby give you much more than just a sense of accomplishment, joy and satisfaction; We’re talking about an income. That’s right. Make your hobby work for you, and it might be so successful you could just quit your day job and take up your hobby full-time.

Starting your own business and making it successful takes time, commitment, hard work, sweat, blood, and tears. As a result, not many choose to take that direction. But if you have what it takes and are willing to work for it,  you could find yourself with a successful business by doing what you love; isn’t that what everyone wants?

1.      Make a move

Are you that person who loves to cut a rug at weddings or has your date hiding their face with embarrassment as you try to coax them onto the floor to show off your moves? If you have some formal dance training background and have patience with others, then you could be earning cash giving dance lessons on the side. Most lessons are charged at $25 to $80, with couples paying more. So, if you want to make those early age dance lessons count for something, dust off your dancing shoes and get to earning that cash.

2.     Can you take the heat?

Before going into the baking business, it helps to know the local laws on food safety and catering/food service. Other than that, you can have your penchant for things sweet work wonders for you. Most baking endeavors will require that you get a license and a kitchen area before you heat up the oven for the first sale. For small time bakers in some regions, it is legal to sell the delicious goodies to family and friends without a license. If you are serious about this endeavor, you could earn as much as $100 an afternoon for making cute cupcakes and mean pies.

By extension, cooking can also be taken up as a money-making hobby, though most that are into this hobby tend to go to culinary school first. Whichever the leaning however, just remember that people love food. So if you can make yours more delicious than most, you are in for business.

hobbies that can make you money

3.      Get your stitch on

Unique handicrafts often go for a hefty price on sites like Etsy. Other than the online market, which may take time to get up and going, most seamstresses and tailors make their money off small projects. Many people don’t like to or know how to mend their torn blouses or cat-scratched curtains or how to hem too-long dresses or slacks. They are looking for a professional to do it for them. So, don’t overlook the fact that your grandma showed you the way around a needle in thread or you earned multiple handicraft badges in girl- or boy-scouts; those skills can give you a very viable side business. The materials are inexpensive and you can work from the comfort of your own home. The only drawback is having to work with last minute requests, but this can be offset with your pricing range.

4.    Game to gain

Yes, you read right. Gaming. While it may not seem like it, there really is a demand for people with exceptional online or console game playing skills–but, it’s a small margin and you have to be really good. If your way around a controller, you should consider charging a sum for a batch of tasks, or selling your accounts for a profit. Information on how to make money can be found on forums and online message boards where other gamers hang out. Do this at your own discretion though, as some games prohibit certain money making activities.

5.      Photographer’s dream

Images have become an instant, vital source of information in the digital age, and people often communicate through pictures rather than with words to sell their brand and get the attention of viewers. If you have a knack for taking great photos and have some great gear, what’s to stop you from creating a portfolio and taking photography jobs? If you have the skills and are looking for a casual gig, then check out online sites where you can sell your digital product.

hobbies that can make you money

6.      Farm to feast

If you like the manual work that comes with tending a garden, have the patience to see the plants grow to a full crop, and take pride in being able to harvest a sizable amount year after year, then gardening could be your money maker. While gardening as a hobby won’t get you sizable returns, selling the extra yield to friends and family can help offset the initial planting costs. Be sure to read up on the local laws regarding selling your own produce before opening up shop.

7.      Shopping for profit?

Lifestyles have become busier and schedules more demanding that people are now paying others to do their shopping for them. If you are a savvy shopper, this could be one of the perfect hobbies that can make you money. If you want in to this line of business, recognize that people need to establish trust with you before they send you out with their hard-earned cash. Be respectful and reliable and shop smart to save your employer money and make a good profit.

8.      Blogging for business

We’ve moved into the digital age, and blogs have become the new form of expression. While the number of bloggers seems to increase by the day, the number of those who make big bucks out of it is comparatively tiny. However, even a beginner can earn between $15 and $90 a month through basic ad sales. If you have a passion for writing and want to be blogging anyway, why not enable an ad platform and start building a readership? In a few years, you could be one of those lucky few who are blogging from a beach and traveling the world.

If you have a passion, skill or some unique ability that you’re already doing, why not think about how it could be turned into a money-making venture. Make a list of all the things you are good at and all of the hobbies you are currently pursuing. Get creative! Then, be sure to let us know which of your hobbies can make you money; we can’t wait to celebrate your success!

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