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Find Your Hobby to Beat the Boredom


Ever find yourself struggling with boredom? How often does boredom strike? Often, the cause of persistent boredom, despite having a fulfilling job, is the lack of an engaging hobby or activity that allows you to escape from your normal routine. A hobby is simply something you like doing apart from your regular work, something you’re passionate about, however do not wish to pursue professionally. There are countless examples of people transforming their hobbies into full blown careers, but that’s not the case with everyone. A person can have multiple interests, and you can be equally devoted to your job and your hobbies. A hobby serves as an outlet for all your creative and positive energies, and can enhance your well-being in the long run. Many people choose to sit and watch television when they can’t find something engaging to do, however this form of recreation does not yield anything constructive on a daily basis. There are virtually endless possibilities when it comes to the types of hobbies one can engage in. It’s not difficult to find one for yourself, and get started. Here’s a quick look at the types of hobbies out there, and the some interesting activities in each type:

Creative Hobbies

Channelizing your creative energies into something meaningful, such as a hobby is an excellent way to hone skills and keep yourself occupied. Creative hobbies serve the purpose of helping you create something new and different, be it crafty or artistic. Those of you who like crafty things will enjoy hobbies like scrapbooking, or even sewing, crocheting, paper mache etc. If you have a more artistic side to you, try going for oil painting, or even pottery which can then be painted in a variety of ways. Pottery is an extremely skilled activity, and is also one which with practice can be an excellent way to beat boredom and make good use of your time. Who knows, you could even create some decorative pieces for your home or put them up on sale on websites like www.etsy.com .

Those who like writing could even get more creative with their words, and try blogging. Given the right amount of time and thought, blogging can be an extremely fulfilling hobby. Another way to use your creative bent is to try photography. If you have a passion for pictures, and are good at it, make use of your skill. Hone it further by watching online tutorials and reading photo books, and perhaps you can transform this passion into a part time career.

Do try:


Wood Art

Glass painting

Block printing (clothing)

Glass blowing

Fun Hobbies

If you’re looking for a more fun hobby to beat boredom, and aren’t one for investing time in creativity, do not despair. There is always something for everyone. If you like collecting things, then stamp collecting is quite an interesting, yet fun hobby to have. Avid stamp collectors have spent almost their entire lives collecting stamps of all kinds, from various parts of the world, and have created envious collections for themselves. For that matter, collecting baseball cards, a childhood hobby for most kids has stuck with people even in their adulthood. Another fun hobby for your taste buds is baking. Both men and women who like experimenting with food, or want to give it a shot should try baking. You can begin with the simplest of recipes and move to more elaborate stuff as you get the hang of it. Baking can be intensely satisfying both for yourself, as well as those who get to taste the yummy treats you make. For the men, another fun hobby is wood-working. You can find old scraps of wood, or purchase them real cheap, and create shelves, bookcases, mini tables etc. with it, which will also serve as a constructive use of all your spare time during the weekends.

Another fun way to beat boredom and learn at the same time is playing a musical instrument. This is the kind of hobby that can add layers to your personality as a whole and also make for some fun jamming sessions with your friends. What’s more, it’s never too late to learn any instrument if you’re passionate about it and give it the time and patience it needs.

Do try:

Comic book collection

Belly dancing


Beer brewing


People who like to spend time outdoors, and take in the fresh air have a lot of options to choose from. While all outdoor sports, or jogging etc. are considered to be hobbies as well, if you’re looking for an outdoor hobby with a different twist, try bird-watching. While it by itself is a full blown career for some people, the exercise is very peaceful and also rewarding for nature enthusiasts. If you’re an ardent photography fan as well, then this is perhaps one of the most enjoyable things you can do in your spare time. Hit the nearest bird sanctuary and let your lens explore. For those who want to be closer to home, gardening is also a good hobby to have. It’s not only refreshing, it also keeps you in touch with the natural world. Moreover, to watch your garden bloom with flowers and plants of your own labor is vastly satisfying too. It’s a great way to keep some greenery around the place you live too.

Outdoor hobbies can also extend to social work and community service. This is one of the more meaningful hobbies to have, one which has the brilliant capacity to help you grow as a person, and also bring about a change in the lives of people around you. Organizing fundraiser events, cultural programs, yard sales etc. are all ways to contribute to the community.

Do try:





Gold Panning


Sporting activities can be rewarding as hobbies, by keeping your boredom at bay, and also maintaining your health and fitness levels. By having a sport as your hobby, you can also lose weight while doing something you enjoy. For the thrill seekers out there, there are always a plethora of adventure sports to try which can be made into a hobby after due practice and training. Sports like rafting, rock climbing, even bunjee jumping can be on your extreme hobby list, to experience the occasional rush of adrenaline while having fun. There are always team and individual sports such as football, tennis, squash etc. which can be started as a hobby and gradually developed, sometimes even as a career for those really passionate about a sport. A great way to explore a new culture as a hobby while also engaging in a sport is learning martial arts. Karate or taekwondo can be engaging hobbies for those who like sport which requires inner focus and lot of emphasis on technique. Sports are a great way to escape boredom, and can transform a dull afternoons.

Do try:

Indoor wall climbing


Scuba diving

Water polo



If you’re looking for something unconventional and quirky, you’re not alone. Lots of people out there have developed hobbies of their own, which might come across as unusual or rare, but for those who pursue them, they are a source of leisure. A boring weekend afternoon can be made instantly interesting when you try something different. If you are willing to spend the money and are motivated enough, flying can be the hobby for you. Flying lessons do not come cheap, however the thrill of being able to fly a plane is unparalleled, and those who have done are testimony to the fact that while it is dangerous, it’s also a great skill to have. Creative folks can try egg art, a form of art where you use an eggshell to create a piece of art. It requires patience and careful handiwork, where the contents of the egg must be removed with care, and then one can proceed to using the shell to experiment with designs and colors. Experts in this form of art have created entire installations and showpieces using eggshells.

If you want to bring out the intellectual side to yourself, learn a language. Learning foreign languages can be an unusual hobby, however knowing multiple languages is always an attractive addition to anyone’s personality.

Do try:



Vehicle art

UFO spotting