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How Resolution Tweet Works


So, you’ve finally registered on our site to begin a life of progress and want to know how things work here OR perhaps you’re on the fence about joining us. Either ways, you’re at the right place if you want to know how Resolution Tweet works. Let’s say you’re being a couch potato once again or getting psychologically abused by others because you’re not being a stand up person or just having your regular ice cream sandwich at an irregular time…or doing just about anything that you dislike doing but do it because it has become a habit. While you’re at it, all of a sudden, you’re struck by an epiphany of sorts and you decide – NO MORE! I will no longer sit and do nothing! I will no longer sit and welcome abuse! I will no longer overeat! Once you have the slightest of insight to know better than to indulge in a habit that is destroying your progress, we can help. We believe there’s space for improvement in everyone and that’s where we come in.

Here’s what you do once you’ve decided that you need to progress – visit the on our site and make a detailed resolution. Then you configure the settings of the reminders we’ll be sending you later. Then we publish your resolution on your social media profiles such as facebook and twitter. This is where we distinguish ourselves from other applications that simply act as reminders. We psychologically motivate you to push yourself to complete your resolutions. You’ll do it because you know you’ve given your word in public that you’ll complete your resolution. This idea works even better because you’re not just doing it in public but with your friends, family and other well-wishers around. They’ll nudge you towards progress. If you’re thinking we stop there, then you’re wrong! We go one step further and assist you in finding ways to complete your resolution successfully. We link people with similar resolutions so that they can discuss in our forums and collaborate on finding ways to get it done. Not just that, our research team will find out ways to complete the most popular resolutions on the site and write up functional and goal oriented articles that will help you succeed. In some instances we’ll even invite experienced experts to write articles to assist you in your resolutions. As for other upcoming features, we plan to introduce apps for iPhone, android and facebook soon.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, we’ll be glad to receive them. Contact us at info@resolutiontweet.com