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How to Stay Fit While Traveling and on the road


Wondering how to stay fit while traveling? Travel, whether for work or pleasure, disturbs your daily routine and can make it very difficult to stick to something like a workout regimen or diet. But when you are traveling, you never know when you’re going to sleep, in what time zone you will be, what you will find to eat, etc. If you are trying to stay fit then while on the go, try some of these tips.

Take a morning walk

Or any time of day for that matter. Go out and get your heart rate pumping a little, or simply get your body moving. This will give you a more personal view of wherever you are visiting and can also be done with your travel buddies or partner. Romantic and healthy.

Make smart choices

Talk to the locals or search yelp for reviews on local eateries and vegetable markets. Stick to baked foods instead of fried foods and go for salads and soups full of fresh produce. Yes, you can indulge in local treats, but try to enjoy them in moderation. And this hotel chocolates–toss them away. I know it’s tempting, but a polite word to the housekeeper and a little self-restraint will keep you from overindulging. You may want to consider packing some snacks with you, like trail mix or dried fruit just in case you find yourself hungry and without healthy options.

Drink water

Sometimes it is difficult to stay hydrated while out and about, sightseeing. Make sure you drink water whenever potable water is available and to bring a water bottle with you. Protect yourself from heatstroke by keeping hydrated and wearing protective clothing.

Do one simple exercise daily

Try to do a simple exercise everyday in your room, like a short set of pushups, jumping jacks or yoga stretch. When we are on vacation, we often tend to give our body a vacation. This will give you your dose of regular exercise if you don’t feel comfortable walking alone or you are stuck indoors with business meetings. You can exercise in the hotel hallway or in the dormitory or in the room itself. You can even go for a walk and find a park or a garden where you can do your pushups. No matter where you are, you can find the time to stay healthy.

Book smart

If exercise is very important to you, you might want to consider making your booking at a hotel that offers a gym, swimming pool or track. Even most cruise lines now offer this kind of thing, making staying healthy as easy as it would be at home.