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Ideas to Surprise your Boyfriend/Girlfriend


Surprises are an excellent way of conveying your love, bundled up in a different package. An unpredictable surprise is bound to delight your partner and turn an ordinary day into an unforgettable one. Surprises are a way of showing your partner that you are as considerate, thoughtful and original as when they first fell in love with you.

Why are Surprises Important?

Every relationship, whether new or old, requires some novelty and fun. If you have been living with your boyfriend or girlfriend for quite some time now, you might have noticed that your relationship has lost a little bit of the spark that was present when you started dating each other. It is really common to settle into a routine and start taking your partner for granted. This can often become a serious issue and destroy a ‘once happy’ relationship because the partners do not feel connected anymore.

If you have observed any signs that might signal that your relationship is going in this direction, maybe it’s a good time to shake things up.


You might have come across couples who are unimaginably crazy about each other. This does not mean that they have a magical relationship; they may simply be more expressive when it comes to displaying their affection for each other. Taking that tiny step towards expressing your love may make all the difference.

Surprises Do Not Have To Be Hard on Your Wallet

You are not required to spend a fortune. Something as simple as a handwritten love note pinned to the front door can bring a smile to your partner’s face. Even the simplest surprise could make them fall in love with you all over again.



  • Plan a Home Cooked Meal

On an ordinary night, invite your boyfriend over for dinner and surprise him with flowers, candles and a home-cooked meal.

  • Take Them To Their Favorite Game

Especially if you are not into sports yourself, taking your significant other to a game that they are dying to see will show how much you care. Buy the tickets in advance and bring them to the game for the big reveal.

  • Give Them a gift or flowers

Surprise gifts and flowers have played a role in making someone feel special for centuries. Send him a big bunch of flowers at work or buy him a gift that you know he’s had his eye on.

  • Throw A Surprise Party

Throw a surprise party and invite her family and closest friends. This will not only take her by surprise but will also make him realize how much you respect the people who are important to him.


  • Take Them Out Shopping

If you’re not sure what to get them or know that they love to shop, take them to the mall or store and offer to foot the bill.

  • Plan a Holiday

If you feel that you both need some time off, surprise her by planning a holiday or a luxury cruise or even a small picnic. Changing your location is a great way to shake things up.

Next time you feel your relationship is getting derailed, make an effort to bring back that spark. Think about what is important to your loved one and then surprise them with something that will let them know how much you appreciate and care about them.