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Spin Your Diet Back Into Control: Innovative Ways to Stop Overeating


Balanced Diet and tips to get slim

If you’ve been looking for some innovative ways to get slim then look no further, the answers are right here! Read on to find out some key actions necessary for you to embark on your journey to a fit body, how you can avoid succumbing to your cravings and everything else you need to know to get that dream body.

Some people are obese even when they eat little. This could be associated with naturally slow metabolic rate of that person’s body or poor thyroid function or pathological lack of impulse control caused by poorly functioning frontal lobes (which is the region of the brain that has the impulse control center) which may lead to uncontrolled binging and the best solution in such cases would probably be medical intervention by professional doctors. But as for people who’re obese or overweight because of their destructive habits such as overeating and lack of adequate exercise, interventions need lesser professional flavor. Key pieces of information along with detailed steps in this article will definitely help you in getting your habits straight and impulses in control.

Step I: The best idea to start off any resolution to control the impulses is with mental preparation and subconscious stimulation. The first step is to truly want what you think you want.

How: A good way to get this done is to create a concise success statement that best describes where you want to be at the successful completion of your resolution. Add as many details in as few words as possible while keeping the language conventional and simple. A good statement would clearly describe all that you want to be. For instance, your success sentence could be something like “I eat minimally and I weigh 150lbs. Chicks dig me and can’t help but take another look at my sexy body!” Once you’re done with the sentence creation, repeat it to yourself aloud over and over again everyday till it sinks into your subconscious. It is good if the words bring in visualization of what you’ll be at the end. Always try to combine the words with a positive feeling and visualization when you repeat them. This step helps in making your subconscious believe that you really want to be what the words describe you to be.

Step II: Once you’re mentally prepared to get your hands dirty, you can get to the next step which is impulse control.

How: Impulse control comes with conditioning. Here’s how you can condition yourself – The next time you see your feet taking you into that fast food chain or your fingers pointing at that fatty meal instead of the lighter meal, stop yourself and repeat the success statement along with the visualization (maybe not out loud in public, we don’t want you looking ridiculous). It is going to be extremely difficult the first time. You can take it for granted that you won’t stop the first few times because of how deep the habit is ingrained in you. However, if you could somehow get yourself to stop the first few times and do so consistently, you can consider yourself a Mind Guru! If you find yourself not stopping and not even realizing that you’re succumbing to your impulses you could do this –

1. Buy your favorite treat and a healthy and light food item. Your treat could be that drool-worthy three cheese pizza or that nutty crunchy blackcurrant and butterscotch ice cream combo or a Cinnamon roll…whatever it is, just buy it, keep it in the kitchen/pantry in your house/work. Go do some work.

2. When your mind wanders to the treat, just go to the kitchen/pantry and take a piece of the treat and think of how amazingly tasty it is and how much you crave for it. Don’t put it in your mouth. Just think of how delicious it is. Then when you cannot resist it anymore, just repeat the success statement a few times, visualize and put the piece back in the box or fridge. Go back to work on the thing you were working on.

3. If you’re really hungry, just eat that lesser-interesting-but-healthy food item. When you’re done for the day, don’t eat that treat. Take out that piece that you’ve been using and give the rest of the treat to a slim friend who might enjoy it. This must be self-torture to you but do it for some days and your impulse control will definitely improve and so will your health consciousness.

Step III: The above tip was to avoid succumbing to your cravings for fatty foods. However, overeating can still be an issue. The key mantra in reducing weight is to limit your intake. Calorie reduction is a vital step in getting your body to be lighter.

How: See the label of the food you’re eating before you consume it. Know how much calories you’re consuming every meal and every day. Awareness is the first step. Don’t be fooled by the size of a meal in assessing the amount of calories it can give you. Calorie counting helps in taking care of making your assessments accurate. See the resources at the end of the article to find the link to a reliable calorie counter website that can not only help you in this respect but also act as a diet journal. Once you know how many calories you’re consuming and how many calories you need to consume to sustain a consistent weight loss rate, you’re ready for the next step, which is to actually work on reducing your calories. Remember, there’s no shortcut here.

Step IV: Once you’ve entered the process of mastering your impulse control, it is time to move on to the oh-so-bitter exercise regime. So the marriage of healthy eating with exercise is very important.

How: You’ve heard over and over again that stopping overeating and unhealthy food habits might in itself not give rise to that attractive body that deserves a second look. In fact, in a counter-intuitive fashion, it could actually be destructive to your motivation to just try extremely hard to follow healthy food habits and ignore exercise because the results are not going to be that great and you’ll be disillusioned about the effects of healthy eating. Take up your favorite sport that besides being your favorite also burns a significantly large chunk of calories. Let’s hope the sport is not your favorite because it requires too little calorie burning. Taking up a sport as an exercise allows you to enjoy and look forward to the guised workouts. In case you don’t have any aversion to straightforward exercise you can try skipping rope, swimming, running or best, running up and down the stairs. These types of exercises that have high rates of calorie burning help in an important effect called Afterburn. Afterburn is nothing but the effect where your body burns calories long after the exercise is over, usually after some hours. It is the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (aka EPOC) that boosts the metabolic rate. Having exercise partners helps motivate you to continue the exercise regime more efficiently. Always try to begin any intensive cardio workout with proper stretching exercises of the body. Spend at least 5 to 10 minutes stretching the various parts of your body. This helps in preventing injuries while you’re doing the intensive workouts and is actually beneficial for the overall flexibility of the body.

Step V: Don’t give up! The fruits of all these tasks lie in their prolonged practice.

How: This is by far the toughest step because after all, it would be easy to follow all of the above steps for a day or two and get back into your old patterns but sustaining the new pattern for a long time to come is definitely not for the weak minded. Doing it for a while and stopping before you reach your destination is not only futile but is dangerous and would again, hamper your motivation levels when you try doing anything healthy for your body the next time. There are no shortcuts here, only plain old sustenance of determination and hard work. Once again, here, visualization of the end product helps a great deal. Another tip is to take it slowly. Desensitization of your impulses is best taken step-by-step in a slow and steady fashion and so is progress, i.e. if you want it to last long.

Some Tips & Warnings:-

1. Drink plenty of water. Water acts as a catalyst to your resting metabolism and therefore without actually working on anything you can reduce weight by drinking more water. But this doesn’t mean that you can extrapolate it to mean that the amount of water drunk directly equates to the amount of weight lost. That’s just wrong and if you’re sitting there with gleaming eyes really believing that you need intervention of a special kind.

2. Once you’ve embarked on the weight loss path it would be good to know your progress. If you’re in a gym that has an accurate weight scale, it is good. But if you’re not in a gym and don’t have a personal weight scale at home, it is good to invest in a good and accurate one that also measures fat % and water ratio. This helps you keep yourself motivated once you see progress.

3. Do not eat breads as starters. The restaurants make you do this for a reason. When you eat breads you tend to get hungry and therefore tend to eat a lot. This means moolah for them. Besides, reducing the habit of eating too much bread is good since, although bread has lesser amount of salt than most food items, it raises your intake of salt because of the high amount of bread you eat, which is not very good for your health.

4. Don’t crash diet! It’ll only backfire on you since you’ll lose muscle structure along with fat. Besides it is only going to last a while and you’ll tend to gain weight very soon. It is also unhealthy to crash diet.

5. DO NOT go near anything that is unnatural or advertised as magic pills. Here’s a tip when you encounter something new and want to know whether it is true or a scam – if it makes you Google for “<the item name> scam fraud” in hopes of not finding any blog posts or articles on how scammy it is, then it is probably scam. Once more your temptation to try it will kick in but you’re best left doing it the straightforward way without any scares about being bit in the butt in the form of side effects and whatnot.

These steps should definitely have you on your way to healthy eating and living. Once you’re out, life is going to be much more amazing in that dream body.


Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/calorie-counter-diet-tracker/id341232718?mt=8