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Is Mere Existence Enough? Start Living Today


Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day, and we try to fit everything we want and need to do in this short amount of time. For the next 30 seconds, slow down and ask yourself, am I really living the life I have been blessed with? Am I making the most of it? Too often, we confuse mere existence with living itself and this is where the distinction lies. To exist is to be alive in physical being, to live is to be alive in mental, emotional and spiritual being as well. Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to sit down and evaluate where you are going – is it where you want to be, or is it simply someone else who is calling the shots for you? In the handful of days we have to share with others, to be happy and live the life we have been given, it is important to create our own circumstances to the best of our ability and start living rather than merely existing as just another person in the crowd. Make your life more worthwhile and purposeful today:

Start Living with Purpose

Do you know what you want from your life? People who live life without a sense of direction feel more listless and wayward than those who know what they want to do in life. This purpose come easily to a few people, while others need to look deeper within themselves to find it. A good way to discover your purpose in life is to make a list of the things you want to do in your life. Your purpose in life could be a kaleidoscope of things, and this variety of interests could be a defining characteristic of your personality itself. Find purpose in your everyday routine, in your hobbies, in your friendships and in your work. This exercise will make you more aware of what matters to you, and what you’d like to pursue in life.

Start Living One Day at a Time

Living a purposeful life that is filled with goals is a good thing, but be careful. Making your life all about the future with constant “Someday I will…” or “When I have enough time/money, I will…” is detrimental to your present. Being focused about your goals is an excellent attitude to have, but take your steps towards those goals one day at a time. Relish each second of each day you get of doing things you love while working towards your dreams. Start living in the present and while you keep your eye on the bigger picture, it’s also important to appreciate the smaller pleasures in life. Value the simple moments of your life and make time for people who make you happy. Instead of putting things off for the future, do them today. Ask yourself, “Why not now?” From this moment on, resolve to do something different every day that makes you feel more alive and connected to the world around you.

Start Living with Spontaneity

If you feel that you’ve been disappointed with your life for a while now and want to bring back the liveliness and thrill, go do something absolutely different. Do something you’ve never tried before, even something you were warned against doing. This thrill of the unknown serves to bring back the spontaneity in your life because in doing these things you are taking a step towards change. The reality is that when we plan and think and avoid change, that only gives us the illusion that we are in control of life. None of of knows what tomorrow may bring or what we might lose or gain when it comes. Our contrived sense of control can actually make us more fearful and out of touch with the reality of life, which is that it is ever-changing and always unpredictable. Doing something spontaneous is a great way to overcome fear and a need for control because it proves to yourself that even with life’s unpredictability, you are still able sit back and be at peace and enjoy the ride. In away, giving up the illusion of control actually empowers you more, all you have to do is take that first step.

Start a Living List

You’ve heard of bucket lists, of things you want to do someday in life. You might even have one of your own, and this is the time to start revisiting it. If you want to start living your life with more energy, appreciating each moment and making every breath count for something, you must start living the experiences you’ve written down. Ask yourself, “Why six months from now, why not today?”There’s no point in waiting for the right moment to arrive, because it never does. Your living list is made up of things you want to do, and you can do starting today. It’s yet another way to ensure you’re living your life instead of just existing. If you’re living the experiences you always wanted to, you’re doing it right.

Start Living an Informed Life

To live a fulfilling life, you must educate yourself about the world around you. There is only so much that formal education can provide us, and there are many things we must discover ourselves. There are numerous examples out there of people who went on to do something entirely different from their college majors all by educating themselves about it, and achieved great success in life. By living an informed life, you are opening up to opinions, thoughts and facts which are new and perhaps even unheard of. Strive to learn more about the world with each passing day. Learning about the world around you will help you connect to it and find your place in it. Learning about other people and cultures will teach you not only about the diversity of humanity but also the ways in which we are all the same.

Start Living a Life of Expression

To live your life meaningfully, make a point of expressing yourself to others, communicating your needs clearly and spending time with both like- and differently-minded people. You will realize that being alive is a lot about connections as much as it is about self-awareness. Expression doesn’t just have to be verbal either. You may discover that you are able to communicate something about your life through dance, a feeling through poetry, a fear through music. Explore the various avenues of expression available to you. Not only will you give the gift of your experiences to others, you will get the chance to enjoy the freedom of discovering this new way of being in the world.

Start Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

There is only so much you can do living within the boundaries of your comfort zone – the place you find yourself completely uninhibited and happy. After all, we are usually most comfortable with familiarity and routine, so if we operate only within that little bubble, we will miss out on new and challenging experiences. Stepping out of your comfort zone make you open, it broadens your mind and gives you a fresh perspective. Try talking to people who challenge your opinions or challenging yourself with a new workout routine, traveling or volunteering (or both!) Trust your instincts and don’t push yourself too far, but also recognize where your fears are masquerading as helpful guides; push your fears aside and allow yourself to do something you’ve never dared to do before.