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Juggling Kids While Traveling


Traveling with kids is hardly a piece of cake, but with a little know-how, you can definitely achieve the goal of a peaceful family vacation with your children without feeling completely drained.

“Are we there yet?”

Kids are prone to boredom. Specially those who have been asked to travel in confines of something rolling on wheels. So be ready with loads of activity ideas to keep them busy. You may ask them to plan their own trip entertainment and select books, toys and games to keep themselves busy.

Mummy knows what is good for tummy

Pick up some good, healthy options to bring along, because you never know what kind of food you’ll find upon your arrival. If you traveling to a country that has unreliable water, be sure to avoid juices and especially have the little guys stick to cooked food as much as possible. Try to peel fruits yourself and invest in bottled water for drinking, brushing and mixing formula. If you are traveling with infants, make sure you have a surplus supply of baby food in case the stores in your new location don’t have a lot to offer.

Smile Please

Put your child in charge of documenting the trip with a disposable or cheap digital camera. She will feel very important and what kid doesn’t appreciate that satisfying *click?*

In the sky

Air travel can be fun for kids but it can also make them uncomfortable at times because of the air pressure changes during flight. This leads to that ‘popping’ sensation in ears which can be very uncomfortable. Yawning, drinking some juce or chewing gum can ease this a little bit. Children also often complain about motion sickness in the air. If this tends to happen with your child, consult your doctor and consider bringing along something like dramamine or even something stronger. As much as possible, encourage the child to sleep during the journey to avoid motion sickness.


Sunburn will make particularly younger children absolutely miserable and ruin any trip. Keep them properly covered and bring along a sunscreen suited to their skin and length of exposure.

Where are they?!

Though this a remote possibility, some kids have nasty habit of exploring and getting lost. Consider wearing bright colors and color-coding your group, using a guide rope for your group and/or agreeing on a meeting place in case of emergencies. A good way to ensure they find help in a scary situation is to give them a card with your name and phone number or any other contact details to keep in their pocket and talk to them about basic safety before leaving for your trip.

What is the most important thing you have learned from traveling with kids? Learned any super-mom or -dad tips?