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8 Lesser Known Travel Destinations for Your Holiday

Planning a holiday abroad, but don’t know where to go? How about visiting some of the lesser known travel destinations of the world? There are so many places all over the globe which haven’t been explored by travelers yet, or aren’t as popular and talked about. You will not find these places packed with tourists or buzzing with activity, they might even be isolated from the world. These lesser known travel destinations are vastly different from each other in climate, culture, language and economy, yet their relative remoteness will make for a unique, unforgettable experience.

Madagascar, Africa

All outdoors- and nature-lovers will love Madagascar, a small island off the southern coast of Africa and the perfect place to experience wildlife, beaches and natural diversity. 5% of all known animal and plant species can be found here– and only here. In addition to the biological diversity, the strikingly beautiful landscapes range from lush rainforests to beautiful deserts. A holiday to Madagascar is for those willing to spend money to relax in the lap of nature. No other place in the world offers such beauty and diversity as well as the freedom to explore more off-road. The roadways system in the country is not very developed and an adventure lover will find this aspect especially appealing since a lot has to be done on foot. Madagascar has everything, from beachside hotels to private resorts in the most remote corners of the island nation. The underwater experience offered in Madagascar is unlike any other with 450km of barrier reef, a variety of sharks, turtles, corals and fish. Some of the absolutely unpopulated islands nearby are accessible by boat or canoe. Apart from its natural highlights, Madagascar also has a rich cultural heritage and a strong legacy of tradition. Visit the sacred hills of Antananarivo or a famadihana ceremony to connect with the cultural and spiritual side of life on this remote island.

lesser known travel destinations

Suriname, South America

A small country off the northern coastline of South America, Suriname is the ideal destination if you want to visit some of the untouched and unexplored parts of the Amazon Rainforest. While much of this famous natural reserve lies in Brazil, one can get an entirely new experience of the Amazon in Suriname, where the landscape includes dense mangroves and beautiful beaches. Because tourism in this country is less prominent than in other parts of South America, there is significantly less commercialization of tourist spots. In this country, the nature in its original, pristine state and travelers can enjoy the breathtaking views and enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling. The rainforest jungle is a protected area in Suriname and separated into a series of national parks and forests and the eco-tourism expedition program allows travelers to access some of the most remote parts of the forest.

lesser know travel destinations

Flores, Indonesia

Flores in the South East Asian nation of Indonesia is a string of islands located on the southern edge of the country. Flores is a lesser known travel destination than say Kuta or Ubud, but what makes Flores interesting are the Kelimutu Lakes which formed at the top of an inactive caldera. Especially breathtaking at sunrise, these lakes are frequented only by the curious and adventurous travelers. A holiday in Flores offers the opportunity to experience authentic Indonesian life in the nearby village of Moni. Although the Kelimutu Lakes are formed on an inactive volcano, Flores is a very volcanic area dotted with active volcanoes. Coffee plantations are also prevalent and many visitors make stops here to see coffee being grown. Overall, travelers will get a more authentic Indonesian experience in Flores and will experience more freedom of exploration than they would in a more touristy location.

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Alamogordo, New Mexico

The weather in Alamogordo is ideal since it does not get too cold and rarely snows. The town offers a simple, relaxing holiday in which one can visit the zoo, check out the nearby Imax Theatre or spend an afternoon visiting the Farmers’ Market at the fairgrounds. If you’d like to go higher above and into the mountains, you could drive to Cloudcroft which is great for skiing. Other options are the observatory in Sunspot or the Casino in Ruidoso. What makes Alamogordo beautiful is the White Sands National Monument which is worth visiting for its beautiful dunes of white sand. Your curiosity may take you further to the Trinity Test Site an hour north of Alamogordo, where the first ever nuclear bomb was tested.

lesser known travel destinations

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Botswana is not usually referred to as a tourist destination, but it has a unique African identity all its own. Safari tourism has been the most common form of tourist activity over here and one of the more isolated and lesser known destinations to visit is the Okavango Delta. A lush, expansive wetland, the Delta is one of Africa’s last remaining wilderness areas that are still untouched. The area is home to very diverse wildlife, such as different varieties of birds, crocodiles, rhinoceros and elephants. A limited number of safari businesses has resulted in low tourist activity, which leaves the Okavango Delta one of the more pristine parts of Africa, where you can enjoy the wilderness is all its glory, the authentic landscapes and unhindered wildlife that was once the defining characteristic of Africa. As civil strife continues in many African nations, Botswana remains the place to go if you want a real safari experience.

lesser know travel destinations

Wayanad, India

Wayanad is a quaint mountain district located in the state of Kerala, India. This district is perhaps the one of the most picturesque in the state with its coffee plantations and estates that stretch out for kilometers. Located in Northern Kerala on the border with Karnataka, Wayanad is mostly hilly and covered with tropical rainforests which make it an ideal holiday destination for those who seek peace and quiet in nature. Wayanad is known for its cultivation of not only coffee, but also tea, cocoa and a variety of spices. The main area of attraction in this district is the Kalpetta town where one can find majority of the tourist spots as well as variety of adventure activities to choose from. A trek into the hills is a must try for travelers, along with a visit to the wildlife sanctuary, Phookat Lake, Eddakal Caves and Chembara Falls. The best time to visit Wayanad is June – October.

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Northumberland, United Kingdom

Located on England’s coast, close to the Northern border with Scotland, Northumberland is great for those looking to experience some authentic English village life while on their holiday. The stunning view of the coastline and its deserted beaches is perfect for those looking to spend some quiet time in an isolated location. The rural area to the South and the ruggedness of Scotland to the North lend this place a uniquely remote feel; and while it remains well connected to the London, a hub of financial and cultural activity, one never quite feels this connection in Northumberland. Apart from the expansive beaches, the Bamburgh Castle is a definite must-see. There are also a few islands offshore which can be explored by travelers who do not want to follow the regular tourist trail – the view across Northumberland and its surrounding islands is unlike any other found in Great Britain.

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Fjords, Norway

Norway has primarily been a popular ski destination for travelers and its unique culture has attracted people from all over the world. But the Fjords of Norway aren’t typically on the itinerary for most travelers–their loss, your gain! The Fjords are deep gorges that run inland from the sea, creating stunning views of the Scandinavian landscape. The Fjords are beautiful, however extremely rugged and inaccessible in certain areas. But for an adventure enthusiast, this could be the perfect getaway from regular travel destinations. The wider areas can be visited by cruise ship, and the more narrow areas by boat or canoe. Enjoy the rugged shoreline, the steep cliffs and the brilliant blue waters of this remote, yet extremely picturesque part of Europe.

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