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10 Affirmations for Inner Peace

13 Nov, 2014 0 comments All life areas

These 10 affirmations for inner peace will help you center and relax yourself no matter how hectic the world around you may be. Feeling inner peace is important because it leads to self-reliance and helps relieve stress during difficult times. No matter what you are going through, you can trust your own inner experience to help you through.

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10 affirmations for manifesting joy

12 Aug, 2014 0 comments All life areas

Are you feeling down? Do you find yourself sinking into negative patterns of thinking throughout your day? Manifest more joy in your daily life by implementing these affirmations for manifesting joy in your daily routine. Say them out loud or post them in a prominent place in your office. Let them be a little ray of sunshine whenever you need a pick-me up. Improve your negative or anxious outlook on life by repeating them every day.

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Cultivate Daily Serenity

15 Jul, 2014 0 comments All life areas

“Serenity,” is not a word that you hear every day. It is a concept that is foreign to many of us, especially as we go about the tasks required of us by our jobs and personal relationships; things can get messy and hectic, to say the least. But serenity is an important part of your life and if you are missing it, you can feel it in every bone in your body.

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Is Mere Existence Enough? Start Living Today

07 Dec, 2013 0 comments All life areas

Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day, and we try to fit everything we want and need to do in this short amount of time. For the next 30 seconds, slow down and ask yourself, am I really living the life I have been blessed with? Am I making the most of it? Too often, we confuse mere existence with living itself and this is where the distinction lies. To exist is to be alive in physical being, to live is to be alive in mental, emotional and spiritual being as well. Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to sit down and evaluate where you are going – is it where you want to be, or is it simply someone else who is calling the shots for you? In the handful of days we have to share with others, to be happy and live the life we have been given, it is important to create our own circumstances to the best of our ability and start living rather than merely existing as just another person in the crowd. Make your life more worthwhile and purposeful today:

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The Middle Path: An Act of Balancing

19 Aug, 2013 0 comments All life areas

“It is just this Noble Eightfold Path, namely: Right View, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration.”

The Buddha, Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta

The Middle Path or Middle Way of life is one of the most central themes of Buddhism. Propounded by Gautam Buddha and expanded over centuries by his followers, the idea of finding the right balance in life with the Noble Eightfold Path is applicable to a wide range of actions which transcend religion. Religious beliefs define the Middle Path as an enlightened path, one which lies between the two extremes of self-indulgence and self-denial. These are said to unenlightened lifestyles, being hedonistic and ascetic in nature. In general understanding, this path of life is all about leading a balanced lifestyle, one which is grounded in reality, is mindful and peaceful. You don’t have to be striving for enlightenment in order to incorporate principles of the middle path into your life. The act of balancing out your life can in fact be achieved through 7 key ideas associated with the concept of Middle Path:

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5 Lifestyle Principles for Location Independence

04 Apr, 2013 0 comments All life areas

Location independence (living or working anywhere while traveling) is a kind of lifestyle that many desire, yet very few completely achieve. Most people who want to live a location independent life are attracted to the freedom it brings and the potential travel experiences it can provide. At the same time, the relatively unstable flow of money that a freelancing career entails often stops people from working towards this sort of lifestyle. Nevertheless, if you dream of traveling, meeting new people and living in different cultures, along with pursuing a career of your choice and doing work you like, then here are a few tips to guide you:

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Simple Ways To Be Happy

20 Nov, 2012 0 comments All life areas

We all want happiness, even though ‘happiness’ means different things to different people. When it comes to being happy, we all tend to strive for the bigger things in life, forgetting that sometimes happiness can be found in the smallest of experiences and lifestyle changes. Here are 7 simple ways to be happy which offer a way to manage the anger, frustration and sadness we all face in daily life.

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8 Random Acts of Kindness

14 Nov, 2012 0 comments All life areas

The goal of random acts of kindness is to bring a smile to someone’s face, whether you know them, or they are a stranger you pass on the street. The idea of kindness is so subjective, it could mean an entirely different set of things to each of us. But what binds the whole structure of kindness together is the relative sense of selflessness and the pure joy of giving without expecting anything in return.

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Getting Things Done : The Minimalist way

06 Sep, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Bringing the two concepts together, we discover that  Getting Things Done (GTD) has a lot to gain from Minimalism as a way of thinking. Have a look:

Feeling like your productivity is lacking? Wondering how to get more done in the day? Feeling disorganized and disoriented? A lot of people respond to this kind of stress by trying to multi-task and making their life even more complicated. Instead, why not adopt some minimalist habits that will boost your productivity, increase your focus and stop running yourself ragged.

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Finding Your Inner Peace: Spirituality for Everyone

22 Jul, 2012 0 comments All life areas

Spirituality truly is for everyone, provided your are willing to put in even a small amount of conscious effort. At one level, spirituality is nothing but a constant search for our true selves, the way we are without social pressure, without societal standards, when no one is watching us. At another level, it is about reaching out to the external world while still maintaining a connection with the inner self. Here’s a look at 5 basic aspects of spirituality that everyone can benefit from incorporating into their lives for more inner peace and calm:

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