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6 Unusual Ways to Volunteer Your Time

25 Nov, 2014 0 comments All life areas

So, you’d like to start volunteering, but you’d like to do something a little off the beaten path; something adventurous or quirky, or maybe something downright unusual. Here are a few ideas that are going to take you around the world with some bizarre, but completely rewarding volunteer opportunities.

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6 Ways to Help Kids in Need

20 Nov, 2014 0 comments All life areas

Whenever there is a conflict or crisis, kids often suffer the most and deserve it the least. Most people who want to contribute to the world feel a strong urge to help those who are innocent and can’t care for themselves, so we have compiled a list of a few reliable volunteer and donation opportunities so you can help kids in need starting today.

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7 Ways to Learn a New Language

06 Nov, 2014 0 comments All life areas

If you want to travel the world, simply love linguistics, or want to communicate better with employees and customers in your line of work, you probably are looking for some quick, easy ways to learn a new language.

Well, we hate to break it to you, but a lot of those programs that promise fast, overnight results are either fleecing you or will give you some very basic basics that may or may not stick after listening to the CDs they have provided. After all, memorizing a few sounds does not mean you are speaking a language. Here are our tips for learning a new language–for real. You can try all of these, some of them or zero in on one method. Let us know what techniques you’ve had success with!

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Top Carnivals in the World

11 Sep, 2014 0 comments All life areas

Carnival celebrations are renowned the world over, and are viewed as times to have fun without much care. For the tourists lucky enough to catch the party, it is a time to get to know the local traditions, and enjoy the photogenic entertainment that comes with it. Coming from the Latin word “carne vale” which means “doing away with meat,” some say that carnivals are the last days to eat meat before the fasting that comes with Lent. However, most might not appreciate the idea that the debauchery that comes with carnivals may be tied to religion. The early church, in an effort to gain more followers, incorporated pagan practices with the goal of having the non-followers feast and get sinning out of the way, before joining the church’s 40 day repenting period.

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8 Lesser Known Travel Destinations for Your Holiday

09 Sep, 2014 0 comments All life areas

Planning a holiday abroad, but don’t know where to go? How about visiting some of the lesser known travel destinations of the world? There are so many places all over the globe which haven’t been explored by travelers yet, or aren’t as popular and talked about. You will not find these places packed with tourists or buzzing with activity, they might even be isolated from the world. These lesser known travel destinations are vastly different from each other in climate, culture, language and economy, yet their relative remoteness will make for a unique, unforgettable experience.

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How to Tell People You’re Quitting Normal Life for Location Independence

26 Aug, 2014 0 comments All life areas

The time has come: You’ve saved some cash, made a plan, told your boss that you’re leaving the 9 to 5 and are ready to live abroad in your new, location independent lifestyle. But wait. How do you break the news to your family? To your friends? To people who equate your new lifestyle of choice to that of “dropping out” of the real world? When these people express their concerns, chances are they are coming from a place of real kindness and caring. Maybe they have never imagined that location independence is a real lifestyle choice that exists for thousands of people around the world. And as for what the naysayers, well, they’re just jealous they don’t have the courage to go out and do it for themselves.

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Armchair Adventures: Must-Read Travel Books

21 Aug, 2014 0 comments All life areas

Have you ever wanted to sail across the Pacific Ocean? Move to France? Volunteer at an orphanage in Nepal? The truly great thing about travel literature is that you don’t have to wait for your next big trip to experience these life changing, soul-inspiring journeys. Just grab one of these must-read travel books, find a cozy place to read, and let the armchair adventures begin!

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10 Tips for Starting a Location Independent Freelance Career

19 Aug, 2014 0 comments All life areas

Whether you are stuck in a job you hate, looking to break into the job market, or want to experience the freedom of location independence, a freelance business can be a lucrative career that grows with you and can travel with you wherever you go. When you are your own boss, you alone are in charge of your success, and you’re free to work as hard or as little as you choose. Short on cash? Pull an 80-hour week. Want to play hooky from work and spend an afternoon at the beach on the first sunny day of the year? If you’re a freelancer, you can.

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10 Places Couples Should Visit Before Having Kids

14 Aug, 2014 1 comment All life areas

As the decision to start a family looms closer for couples, the yearning to take “one last big trip” may become an inexorable priority. Having kids does not equate to a lifetime lived in one place, but traveling with little ones in tow is an entirely different experience than jet setting as a childless couple. There are some places in the world that are just off-limits for children, and others that simply may not be as enjoyable if you’re constantly interrupted by naptime and tantrums. Here’s our pick for the top 10 places couples should visit before having kids:

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7 Must-See Places on Every Continent

07 Aug, 2014 0 comments All life areas

Is visiting every continent on your bucket list? Not sure what to do in Antarctica or Asia? This brief guide will give you 7 must-see places on your intercontinental travels.

Let’s start with the real puzzler, shall we?—what do at the South Pole?


Apart from shivering in the frigid weather, you may not have any idea what there is to do down South. Well, here are a few ideas:

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