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Drink More Water: Lifestyle Changes for Productivity


Personal productivity is important at all stages in life. And while each one of us strives to steer towards good habits, the effects of daily stress and work never quite allow us to stick to those resolutions for too long. But the truth is, you don’t need life changing resolutions to get a kickstart on boosting your personal productivity. Believe it or not, the simplest of daily routines could be bringing you down, even when you think you’re doing the right thing by substituting fruit juice for pizza or trying to quit smoking.

Our mind requires conditioning for certain habits to change, and for new ones to take effect. Except, do all of us really have the time to spare with a nine to five routine and emotionally and physically taxing lifestyles and environments, for this conditioning to take place? Not quite. But the good news is, there are a few lifestyle changes that are less complicated and easier to follow than others. And these are exactly what you might need to get the extra push at work and efficiency. Read on.

Drink Water

You’ve read this in enough magazines and articles. The first rule of fitness and health is drinking atleast eight to ten glasses of water a day. Or is it? Most people mistake this advice by thinking that the only way to drink water is to take it in a glass and gulp it down. But the fact is that water is present in almost everything we consume the entire day, a bowl of salad or even a standard glass of soda. Water can work wonders when had at regular intervals. It is keeps you hydrated, and the blood flow to your brain is adequate with the right amount of water in your body. It’s also good for your skin and overall energy levels throughout the day. But beware of something known as Water Intoxication that can happen when you consume too much water, causing the dilution of sodium in your body and water imbalance in your brain.

The key to making this lifestyle change work is to carry water with you at all times. It’s that simple. Have a personal flask for yourself, and keep sipping on it at regular intervals. If you’re used to having coffee at work, it’s good to keep having water in between as caffeine can dehydrate you very quickly. The key to maintaining a healthy mind that help your produce efficient results at work is to know what your body wants.

Quick Tip: Have a full glass of water every morning. This will help in getting your body ready for the day and give you the extra energy boost, both physically and mentally.

The King’s Meal: Breakfast

They often say, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” There’s more scientific truth to that. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and most of us know that. But most working professionals admit to skipping breakfast in the morning or just having a glass of milk. Breakfast serves more than to just fill you up after a night’s sleep. This meal pretty much sums up the level of energy you will have the entire day. A lean breakfast will not only make you feel low on energy early in the day, it will also slow down crucial brain functions.

Most of us also pass off breakfast by saying “I’m not hungry.” Truth is, the brain  releases chemicals to subside your hunger in the night so one can sleep peacefully. It take about an hour for the hunger to start, so don’t skip breakfast on that account either.

Go Easy on the Fast Food

Most people rush to the nearby fast food joint to have a quick bite because they think they don’t have the time to have a proper meal in their tight schedules. But is that so? Try a simple exercise while eating a homemade sandwich or a salad you make for yourself at home. Clock yourself while you eat. You’ll realise that you’re actually capable of eating a proper real meal you made for yourself about as fast a hotdog and fries. Minus the extra calories.

Fact is, waking up an extra 30 minutes early in the morning can help you accomplish all this in one day and make you more productive throughout. An extra 30 minutes is all you need to take that first full glass of water, eat a proper breakfast and pack some lunch for yourself to dodge the calories from fast food. Filling yourself up with one huge meal from your favorite burger joint will make you feel good for a while, but the extra fat and heaviness can actually slow down your body functions over the day.

Watch Your Energy Drink

Energy drinks are considered to be counter productive to what they aim at by a lot of people. Most of the big names in the energy drink industry have a lot of sugar content in them, and this only makes your energy levels crash harder at the end of the day. The sugar in these drinks works to get the caffeine in them faster to your bloodstream making the energy boost more intense, and the consequent crash even more intense at the of the day.

Opt for a sugar free Redbull or something similar as an alternative to a normal energy drink with lots of sugar content. If energy drinks are the way to go for you to maintain alertness throughout the day, then look for healthier options to make sure your energy crashes at the end of the day don’t affect your overall health.

Caffeine Smartness

Caffeine can work wonders on your body, if taken in moderation. It’s boosts energy and can keep you productive for the entire day. But there’s always a catch to something that seems too good. If you’re one of those people who experience constant fluctuations in energy throughout the day if you miss out on a can of your energy drink or cup of coffee, you might be doing more harm to yourself.

Caffeine intakes that substitute regular sources of energy such as food can give you those “highs” and “lows” while working and affect your ability to work with concentration. If you do find yourself unable to work without getting a caffeine boost and experience withdrawal, you might be headed for a case of caffeine addiction too, which will require intervention. If you’re going for your three cups of coffee a day or energy drinks, make sure you eat something with them that is low on sugar, because again, the excess of sugar will make you crash sooner.

Exercise Mantras

If you’re one of those people who have a trouble keeping up with exercise regimes or are too lazy to hit the gym, you’re losing out on hours of work as well. Exercise, be it of any kind, for even 30 minutes a day can boost your overall confidence and energy to get you going. Not only does losing those extra pounds make you feel good about yourself, it increases blood circulation in your brain and keeps you fit and alert. Losing hours of productivity lying on the couch on weekends doesn’t sound quite right, does it? If your weekdays are too busy and exhausting to find time for exercise, utilise your weekends to hit the gym or take walks. They will prevent gaining weight, and are a definitive mantra towards being more productive through the week.

If the gym, or brisk walking become boring, you could always opt for alternatives such as aerobics, dance, swimming, cycling or any sport that you like to have fun too while sweating it out.