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Living Life as an Adventure: How the Adventurous Do It


Adventure. Everyone wants a bit of it in their lives: to test their limits, conquer their fears and break away from their daily routines. Living a life filled with adventure can be an invigorating task, making for memorable moments and life experiences. But being an adventurous soul is easier said than done. For someone caught up in the daily routines of work or study, taking time out to make things interesting can not only seem like a waste of precious hours, but also seem impossible after a tiring day at work. But the key to living an adventurous life may not always be about doing extreme sports every weekend. The smallest things in your day can be spun around for an adventurous twist. And what better way to learn than from the adventurous themselves?

The adventurous do things differently

Wonder how those people who’re always out thrill seeking get through the mundane chores of daily life? The trick is to think differently. Call it brainstorming for personal happiness, but even the most boring or routine activities such as brushing your teeth or bathing can be given a twist by putting on some music in the bathroom and dancing in the shower. It sounds crazy, and that’s the reason to love it. Doing things differently is all about challenging your current perceptions about what is right and wrong, and guess what, when it comes to adventure the answer is always a bit different and daring.

How about putting on a Michael Jackson video in the kitchen and dancing while making dinner tonight? (A word of caution, you still need to watch the food. Don’t blame Michael for your burned dinner!)

The adventurous try new things

Doing things differently may not always be enough. When it comes to the things you do everyday, there is just so much variation you can bring in, but after a while, things start feeling drab.  An easy way to try new things is to look for clubs, groups or classes that are off-beat and teach you new things. Cooking classes, belly dancing, mind-reading workshops; whatever floats your boat. Not only will you learn something new, but you will meet new people too.

 Plan ahead, look at the things that interest you. There are plenty of websites online that are dedicated to telling people new things happening in your city. If you’re unsure or nervous, take a friend along.

The adventurous aren’t afraid of strangers

People who aren’t afraid of interacting with strangers are open to new experiences. Strangers don’t always have to be greeted with suspicion or caution. If you’re the one with social anxiety, learn to conquer it by talking to new people. It could be anyone, the woman sitting in the coffee shop, reading an interesting book or a person standing at the bookstore. The adventure in talking to new people is getting know things about life from another person’s perspective. Maybe they could teach you how to say a few words in a different language or share a life-changing story. The important thing is to not be afraid of them not liking you or thinking you’re stupid. They might just brush you off, but that’s just part of putting yourself out there.

The important thing is to have a good sense of judgement when interacting with new people; don’t strike up a conversation down a dark alley, just use common sense. But other than that, just remember that every person is different, has a unique story and purpose in life and be prepared to be open-minded.

The adventurous make bucket lists

What if someone gave you the chance to write down everything you wanted and then helped you accomplish it? Bucket lists have existed for decades now, with people striving to accomplish the goals they’ve always had. Adventurous people have a penchant for making bucket lists. A bucket list is nothing but a simple list of things you want to do in your lifetime, depending on your personal drive and creativity as well as the resources you have access to. The reason keeping a bucket list is regarded as an adventurous task is because it forces you to sit down and think of the things you most want. We all have a crazy streak within us, and want adventure and thrill in life. So the best way to actually do the crazy stuff is to write it down. If the things that excite you and get you going are good enough to be written down, they are good enough to be accomplished as well.

The adventurous take risks

Taking risks requires a great amount of courage, but it’s important to realize that courage is not the absence of fear, but a careful mastery over it. Fear is a normal part of life, and is often needed. But taking risks doesn’t have to be jumping off a mountain or climbing the highest peak in the world. It could be something to do with your daily life. When it comes to work, hiring an employee with an excellent education, but no work experience is a risk. Investing money to fund a child’s education in an unstable market or taking on a paper that has nothing to do with your area of study are all examples of risks. But the important thing to learn about taking risks is that sometimes the results are irreversible, and one must be ready for that possibility. Risk-taking behavior is also very different from recklessness. To take a risk is to weigh the pros and cons before acting. Taking a risk can also be following your gut feeling about something. A risk-taker would tell you that there will be everything to lose and everything to gain.

The adventurous don’t rely on expectations

 If all our adventures were familiar, they wouldn’t be enjoyable. The trick to avoiding disappointment is to not have preconceived notions about things. If a friend takes takes you to go rafting for the weekend, don’t go assuming it will give you an absolute thrill, but also don’t assume that it will be too scary for you. Go with the idea that it will be a new experience worth trying. When doing things differently or trying new things, meeting new people or even taking risks, don’t obsess over the results. It’s important to take things as they come and live the journey. Things may or may not turn out as planned, but you’ll be glad you were willing to try a new experience.

The adventurous don’t say “No”

A must watch for all thrill-seekers is the film “Yes Man.” This film is a classic example of why one must avoid saying “no” unless absolutely necessary. In everyday life, we often come across ideas and opportunities that seem worthless at first sight and so we dismiss them. If you are out to bring more adventure into your life, learn to say “yes,” even to the most ridiculous of things. Judging the value of a person or idea on first impression denies us the opportunity to witness or experience something new, solely because they don’t fit into our idea of a “good” or “worthwhile” person or idea. While they might turn out to be exactly as we’d imagined, the thought of “what-if” can at least be put to rest. If something comes up when you least expect it, offer to try it out. It might work wonders for your personal growth.