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Money Matters to Keep in Mind While Traveling to India


Range of hotel costs

In case you take up your accommodation in cheaper hotels, can travel to the second class compartments of the trains and can live your meals to rice and pulses, it will be very easy for you to witness India in just $10 USD per day. Moreover, if you are in favour of comforts like that of a particular diet food, a single room, travelling and sporadic journey travel will make you count your USD of $20 to $25 per day. Mid variety hotels with the three time meals, a private car along with a driver will scale up your charges to around $30 to $35 USD per day.

The Currency conversion is easy in India

Please take care of the fact that you don’t carry the Indian Currency along with you nor take it back when you are leaving the place as it is not permitted.  It is easy to get the INR converted into another currency as it is not much of a Black market but the conversion of money exchange is easily available and accessible at a few good places in the country. Your best option to save yourself from hassles will be when you get your currency in USD or pounds to get it all exchanged here. Otherwise it is easy to get all other currency notes to get it exchanged in India. It is better if you make use of international cards like American Express travellers Cheques, Thomas Cook, Sterling etc. it will be a wiser option if you carry different international brands cheques along with you to take an account of various idiosyncrasies in terms of banks providing you with all sorts of currency denominations.

While getting your money conversion at some bank in India, you have to be as patient as a saint is and must be able to handle the paperwork as easily as the ledger clerk does when it comes to him.  If you wish to get the higher exchange of amount with the currency denominations that you have, you must prefer the big banks at the large cities and towns at this place. While taking the amount you will receive the encashment certificate from the money exchanger or from the bank, who so ever you prefer while getting the conversion done.  In India a few hotels also ask for your encashment certificate to take a glimpse of it for their official purpose before accepting the payment. The advice we give you here is that, in case you tour India for more than four months, do keep all your certificates in a handy manner so that it is easy for you to claim your income tax clearance as soon as possible.

American Express, Visa, Master card and Diners Club are the widely accepted credit cards at the big towns and cities of India. You may also avail your credit card to take up advance cash in INR currency denomination. One of the most efficient banks to handle such banks is the Bank of Baroda which is highly recommended in terms of the transaction purposes.

Tip it up for the Grubby notes

You can easily exchange your old and very grubby currency notes for the new ones as barter from the Banks. Clean and healthy notes of the currency warning are given by the government time to time. The circulation of the INR is far beyond on an international basis which is more than any other currency denomination that you will find. In case you don’t have time to change the old notes, you can use them to provide as tips to people at the hotels and dining places.  Generally these old grubbed notes are refused. So exchanging them or giving away as a tip will be a better idea rather than wasting your time getting them exchanged.

Tip is unfortunately not really renowned in India; it is rather termed as “Baksheesh”. In India, Tip is generally given to get your work done and “Baksheesh” is considered to be one like giving a pat on the back to a person for his good work. You get an additional 10% bills in the high class dining places and it is optional to give away a tip excluding the bill at medium dining places.

India is SAFE to TRAVEL!

India is considered to be one of the safest countries to travel around the globe as it is a fact that in general the natives here are considered to be very big-hearted and can proffer any person who is in a necessitate  for some  food, cloth,  shelter, spiritual counsel and yet from time to time with money for gratis.

But always keep in mind that when you travel you will find many people who are good as well as bad. So be careful especially when it comes to the remote areas.

Costing in India: Not a Problem!

Spending as per your budget Cost in India is not a problem at all for an individual who is coming from Europe or US.

To get your food, your room, your train fare, everything is available at a very affordable price here.

From Rs 10, 50,100 you can get average – good food.

From Rs 100, 250, 1000 you can get average – good room.

From Rs 500, 1000, 3000 you can travel from one corner to another in Sleeper 2nd class – AC class.

From Rs 5 to 20 you can spend for an auto rickshaw when taken in sharing.

Other commuting means such as taxi, booked auto rickshaw, etc are based on the meter charges which at times would not be beyond Rs1000 for auto rickshaw. For Taxis you have several taxi services available in India such as Dot cabs, Green cabs, yellow cabs, Mumbai taxis, etc. All have their respective fares.


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