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10 Places to Find Inspiration in Life


We’re all looking for inspiration in our lives – some of for the sheer pleasure of discovering something new around us, and others who want to find ideas and originality for their work. People all over the world, from all walks of life are inspired by various things that get them going in their respective field. Inspiration in this sense needn’t be limited to a particular sphere of human activity; sometimes we find inspiration when we least expect it. At the same time, inspiration has a lot to do with achieving your goals and finding a new meaning in life. Here’s a list of 10 places to discover and get inspired:


The airport waiting lounge can be one of the best places to indulge in some people watching. The mere act of observing people from all walks of life preparing to travel away from their loved ones in pursuit of something else can yield interesting results. It is also a great place to introspect about yourself. Within a matter of few hours you will be transported to another part of the world, and the connectivity it generates can inspire us to act for change because today nothing or no one is physically unreachable if we have the means to achieve it. Nothing can be more inspiring than wondering about the intricacies of human behavior at the airport. People can enthrall you, fascinate you with what they do, make for an interesting analysis in afterthought. Although there are a lot of places to go people watching, the airport is the one place which acts as the most diverse physical junction of worldwide connectivity so to say.

The Beach

New ideas flow as easily as the waves when one sits down to imagine and think about the world at the beach. The ocean in its vastness can leave you feeling extremely small and insignificant compared to the entire Earth, and yet the fact that you can see the horizon makes you as important a part. Inspiration can flow from the very fact that the ocean does not wait for anybody, and it remains unchanged despite time. The relative transitional nature of human life comes to light when we look at the ocean. The beach or the sea shore is a great place to pen down your thoughts and begin thinking about things you have been putting off. One aspect of the beach which attracts people to it is also its calmness. The ocean has a calming effect on human thought and with your mind and body relaxed, it’s difficult to not be inspired by even the smallest of things, such as a beautifully shaped pebble at the shore.


If you have been one to keep a journal in which you write down your thoughts and experiences on a regular basis, it’s always a good idea to take out your old journals and go through them. Sometimes one can find inspiration in one’s own thoughts. Looking through the kind of experiences you have had in the past and comparing it to your present situation might even give you a refreshed perspective Old journal entries can perhaps make you reflect on the simplicity of your writing then, the relative uncomplicated nature of your thoughts and perhaps even embarrassing details best left forgotten. You might also find traces of friendships you had vowed to maintain, but couldn’t. Inspiration to turn an entirely new page in life, or to go back and fix a few things, the choice is yours.

Online blogs

Some people sign up for blogging websites even though they aren’t avid bloggers; they instead do it to gain wider access to the various kinds of individual blogs one comes across on the internet. A regular wordpress.com or blogspot.com user can list down his interests and can blog results according to his/her preferences. This is an exciting and helpful tool for people who like to learn about human experiences and stories to find inspiration for themselves. The internet is full of opportunities – a website like stumbleupon.com is also a great way to come across webpages which are fresh and looking for an audience. Getting involved with people all over the world can be achieved by having a look at discussion forums of a website such as imdb.com, or by expressing yourself through a blog post. No matter what path you choose, the sheer diversity of opinions one finds on the internet is enough to get you on the path of inspiration.

The Library

In this highly digital age, even though it’s easy to find inspiration online through forums and blogs, the whole exercise can get tiresome. It’s always a good idea to expand your horizons and gain more knowledge at a library as well. Being physically around books, and flipping through random titles that catch your eye might even lead to you finding an idea for your next big project. Choose a section of your interest and get going in your pursuit of knowledge and ideas. Most public libraries let visitors borrow books at a nominal membership fee, which is why a library is also a cost effective method to gain access to inspiration and knowledge. Who knows, the next quote you read in a library book might just be the most inspiring words you have ever read.

A Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a great place to get away from the monotony of home and work in some fresh air. If you have a work from home job, and need inspiration for a project or work, start spending more time at the nearest coffee shop. Coffee shops are great for a variety of reasons – they serve the purpose of people watching while being accessible at almost all times, you can muse over life over a cup of good coffee and if you are one looking for inspiration to move on with something this is the place to be. Sitting at a coffee shop gives you a chance of thought pattern because you’re suddenly around people, yet aren’t particularly in anyone’s company to be disturbed. Next time you find yourself confused, or lacking direction about something, muse over it at a coffee shop. You will not be disappointed.


Look at architecture around you as physical samples of great human imagination and potential. Being around great works of architecture can inspire you to think big, be imaginative and look at yourself as a key human resource in the accomplishment of your goals. For people who have pursued design in their lives, architecture holds a special place when it comes to inspiration. Most man-made structures of significant importance are designed in a particular style of architecture from different periods of time – spending time with a good piece of architectural intelligence can transport you back into time. So be it a neighborhood church from the 16th century, or The White House, these structures hold huge potential for transforming your way of thinking if looked at from the right perspective.

A Flea Market

What better place to find inspiration than in the aisles of a flea market filled with treasures? Not only are flea markets a refreshing break from the routine shopping experience offered at regular departmental stores and retailers, they also give you a chance to find interesting new objects to buy. Flea markets are inspirational for their sheer simplicity in approach. Even if you do not wish to buy anything, simply visiting them can help you get away, and clear your mind. You can watch the shopkeepers, the people and the vibrancy of the place – the beauty of flea markets is best experienced in pairs or even alone.

Children’s Books

There is nothing quite pleasing to read than the simple, joyful stories found in children’s books. Their clear narrative, easy words and pleasant images make for a good source of inspiration. They make us reflect over the simplicity of childhood, and how elements from our younger years can be incorporated into the grown up world. The inspiration to remain young at heart and follow your dreams without abandon is one of them. Children read books and view the world according to what they see in them, a similar approach can be applied in our adult lives as well. We must be in a constant search for knowledge and shape our goals according to what we know and see, not what others would like us to see. Once in a while, reading out a storybook to a toddler can prove to be an inspiring experience for you as well.


Art has the inherent ability to inspire without words. At the same time, not everyone is bent towards appreciating art; however we must always strive for it. Museums give us a chance to not only look at pieces of art through paintings and sculpture; they are also havens of rare objects from the past. Anyone interested in history will tell you just how inspiring a museum can be if you wish to gain fresh perspective, and view life not in relation to yourself, but to others – people and objects which do not necessarily exist today. Museums of art, natural history, archeology etc. they all have something unique to take back. However, museums are inspirational only for those who are willing to practice patience, to absorb things as they move forward rather than just give cursory glances to objects and people.