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Planning an Adventure Weekend: Things to Look Out For

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Every once in a while, we all want to try something different and challenging, and doing adventure sports can be a great way to test your limits and explore yourself. Here’s a quick look at what you need to keep in mind at various stages of your planning, to get the best value for money and an experience that will change your life:


When planning a weekend adventure trip, time is of the essence. Experiencing an entirely new destination in just one weekend can be difficult and it is crucial that you research a bunch of good destinations before zeroing in on one that will suit your time and budget well. It’s a good idea to go through a few adventure tourism catalogues online to get an idea of what your prospective itinerary will look like. Most companies will offer more or less the same adventure weekend plans, with a focus on adventure sports and points of interest catered to your destination. The idea is to make the most of your holiday and experience as much as you can in this short span of time. Once you are able to shortlist a few destinations, make calls to find out specific details and have all your questions answered before you take your pick.


Research and budget work interchangeably, and you can either have a specific figure in mind before you start research, or shortlist options first and then evaluate your spending limit. Either way, having a budget is extremely important to avoid overspending on your trip. It doesn’t have to be set in stone of course, but having a number in mind as a guideline should keep you from grossly overspending beyond your means. Try breaking down your budget into the various aspects of your trip, starting with a travel budget, accommodation budget, etc. If you’re going to be approaching different agencies for each aspect, or if you’re going for a package deal from a travel agency, make sure you keep track of each payment and what you’re getting for your money.

Plan Bookings

Bookings are of utmost importance for independent travelers who like to plan their own trip from scratch. Part of the fun that comes from adventure weekends is their spontaneity and the element of surprise attached to the entire experience. For those who want complete independence in their adventure trip, make sure you get booking dates well in advance, to prevent last minute glitches, especially for your transportation and accommodation. Even if you’re buying a travel package from an agency, the agency handling the adventure trip will be providing safety equipmens and guides to ensure safety during adventure activities, but you may still have to make some of the important arrangements yourself. Be aware of the holiday seasons, when people are more likely to go on weekend trips, making travel more expensive. Early bookings can also come at a discounted price, so keep an eye out in advance.

Know Your Limits

An adventure weekend requires some amount of physical strength and not everyone is ready for a mountain trek at 9,000 feet, at least not without adequate training. It’s best to make decisions that are in sync with your body’s requirements and needs. If you have a serious case of asthma for example, don’t plan a trek at extremely high altitudes; be realistic about your fitness and health. Nothing spells disappointment like having to cut short your trip midway due to ill health, and losing both time and money on it. If necessary, get adequate training before taking on risky activities, and pay heed to fitness requirements indicated in travel packages offered by the outfitter of your choice. Some packages even include a training period, complete with instruction and guidelines given by a trained professional. Keep things like training for adventure sports in mind while hunting for a destination and plan your departure and arrival based on a realistic understanding of how fit you are. If you have a fitness goal, maybe you could use your adventure weekend as incentive to get in shape before your departure.

Put Safety First

Whenever booking a trip, make sure that the outfitter you are choosing has internationally accepted safety standards, but you should also remember that an adventure weekend is not like any other vacation. Adventure sports are risky, and there is a reason why you are provided with trained guides to help you while doing the sport, along with first aid routines in place in case of emergencies. It is essential to put your and your companions’ safety first–always. While it is true that adventure sports can be about exploring yourself and overcoming fear, reckless behavior can be life threatening in many adventure settings. Each and every member of the group has the responsibility of making the adventure weekend trip a safe and fun one.