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Planning, Preparation and Taking ACTION on the Goals, Habits and the Resolutions made


Planning  + Preparation + Execution = Accomplishment

Planning + Preparation

  • Set Goals/make resolutions for the Year,  WRITE THEM DOWN (with a TARGET DATE) or use an app like ResolutionTweet
  • and then sub-goals for each month.
  • brainstorm/figure out what ACTION steps (baby STEPS) to take each week and each day,


Execution (a.k.a Taking ACTION)

  • Focus the day on those steps.
  • Review and make progress in the week/month.
  • Track Progress and work to overcome any issues/challenges/barriers in accomplishing the goal.

Turn that wish or desire into a WILL. Take the baby steps and keep moving until you achieve it.

Summary : Resolutions are made for a  year(s) but Progress is made in WEEKS/Months and  ACTION is taken in DAY(s)/Week(s)