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Planning your accommodation while you travel – Do it the right way!

Who doesn’t wish to get away from a lifestyle ladden with hectic routine every once in a while for a carefree long vacation to feel pampered and cushioned?

First thing that should pop into the mind while making a travel plan- Where are we staying?

Hotel is said to be the most important aspect for any vacation and no doubt it is! But choosing a hotel is not as simple a task as it seems it requires smart planning and some amount of research too. Saving money is obvious, but let’s face it, higher the quality of services, higher the prize they demand. But let’s not forget that even the high prized hotels have discount policies & special deals to avail. So, prior to the trip you have got to pull up your socks (just for a little while) and do a little work in  order to land in the hotel just made for you and make the most out of your vacation. Anyways, you can always try traveling off season if you wish to stay loyal to your budget.

How to find the perfect match

There are some basic things to consider while choosing the right hotel which includes-

First and foremost go online search for the hotels which are eligible for your ‘to be considered’ list then check for the customers feedback and reviews of the hotel as they are really very helpful while deciding on the right ones and make sure that the negative count does not dominate the hotel site . You can also consider the option of asking any friend or acquaintance of yours who have already visited the place for their feedback as personal recommendations always do work. And yes don’t forget to go through the travel site to check the rating

No cheap motels please

Avoid cheap motels or lodges. Well, come on you truly deserve a decent and luxurious hotel to make you feel heaven, after so much of hard work and stress. So just stop worrying so much and stretch your budget. Afterall, what will you do with all that money stacked up in your credit card!

I don’t want blisters on my holiday

While choosing the hotel, make sure all those enticing places you plan to visit like beach, malls, shops, etc are at a close proximity from the hotel. Since, you do not wish to walk a hundred miles every time you leave the hotel or end up paying a hefty amount for the cab.

I am famished! Great they are still ‘open’

Well I always prefer a hotel with a nice restaurant or barbeque nearby or in the hotel premises. As they have no constraint of time and remain open fairly late in the night so if you get late while coming back from your tour you are not left searching with an empty tummy a place to grab a quick coffee or a bit to eat. And so, will always recommend going for the ones which offers a service of 24hrs a day.

Don’t be a last-minuter, be an early bird

Many hotels have a reserved benefit for their first customers so make sure that you want to make the most out of the first come first serve service. Thus, make reservations on an early basis to make use of all the amenities you want and which are specially offered to the some first few prospective customers like master room with a gorgeous view with no. of beads you need and so on. And in this way you can be tagged as a perfect person in your family to get the best deals as well as you yourself will enjoy your holiday with all what you desire.

Be on the safer side

If your trip requires a rollaway bed then please do check in advance, as the hotel offers a limited number in that case try to grab a room with a sleeper sofa. And try avoiding rooms close to areas such as elevators, water cooler, ice cream machine or even swimming pool as you don’t want to pop up a painkiller every now and then on you so called ‘taking a break’ vacation. But before booking the hotel room always goes through the price list of on each vendor’s site. As often, if you cut out the middle agent or a broker and booking by your own then you’ll be surprised to know that how much money you are saving in the process and it is really cheaper than availing a full-fledged online holiday packages. And do take a note of the fact that a third party is never beneficial as it demands full upfront payment, so it’s better to do some home work rather than spending money unnecessarily.

I don’t wish to get any dark circles

And how many times have you tossed and turned in your hotel bed just because you are use to that pillow of yours or that soft blanket without which you just cannot fall asleep, then don’t dare to forget it at home. Otherwise, you’ll end up waking up all haggard and sleepless when it’s time to go out and have loads of fun with everyone. Don’t take it to be an extra load in your bag-pack as it can be a versatile item and can be used while you are flying as a travel pillow and you can treat it as a carry on.

Keep it informative

All in all, if we see your holiday panning as a whole then it’s easy to keep the whole planning of your vacation informative and usable by penning down everything starting from when to book your tickets, which hotel to choose, which car to rent, not forgetting to stuff all the required maps of the location, necessary information for tourists, contact information of the people you may know from the place, etc.

Bottom line

Remember every holiday is once in a life time experience and you want to cherish every moment of your vacation throughout your life as you won’t relive these moments again. Hope these accommodation planning tips help you to decide the right hotel for your auspicious holiday.