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11 Reasons to Have Sex


Not a lot of people will argue against sex being one of the most pleasurable feelings ever known to man. For some, sex is the answer when they are feeling stressed, burdened down by life’s challenges, and when they are looking to feel healthy again. For that purpose, we have compiled a list of reasons as to why having sex is good for you on a physical, spiritual, biological, and chemical level.

Helps to reduce stress

A Scottish study put a group of men and women who kept records of their sexual encounters in stressful situations-public speaking, doing arithmetic out loud- and checked their blood pressure levels. The result? Those in the group who had regular intercourse were better able to respond to the stress than those who had less sex.

During sex, the body produces dopamine, the substance responsible for creating a high, serotonin (the feel good hormone), and oxytocin, which increases desire. Combine these three and you have a cocktail for all year round smiles and happiness.

Better sleep

The same endorphins and hormones that help fight stress also help the mind and body to relax, putting you in a good position for sleep. During sex, the hormone prolactin is produced, which is also present during deep sleep.

However, those who take things to the ‘wild’ notch in the sack are bound to feel more energized than sleepy. Sex shouldn’t be a snooze, but if you want to use it as a sleeping aid, go for slow sessions.

The Perfect painkiller

The hormone surge experienced during sex is perfect for fighting any annoying, nagging ache, whether it’s a strained neck or a migraine. The endorphins (again!) released during sex closely match morphine, which is a known pain killer.

Fight colds

Yes, it does. There is nothing good or sexy about sneezing constantly and having a running nose all the time, but apparently good sex can help avoid this.

According to researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, people who have sex have higher levels of immunoglobulin, a diseases fighting antibody. These antibodies help keep the body from flus and common colds.

Cardio benefits

A quick 20 to 30 minute session will burn anywhere from 100 to 250 calories, something cardiologists compare to the same amount of calories burnt during a modest session on the treadmill, according to a published article in the American Journal of Cardiology.

The heart is the obvious benefactor during any cardio session, but you also get to work the abs, back muscles, butt, and thigh muscles during a sex session. The heavy breathing raises the oxygen levels in the body cells, and increased testosterone keeps the bones and muscles strong.

Makes you appear younger

Regular sex increases the amount of testosterone and estrogen, hormones that help to keep the body looking youthful and glowing. Estrogen also promote softer skin and hair- the perfect alternative to moisturizer.

According to a study conducted at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, having sex at least three times a week makes you appear seven to 12 years younger.

Improves trust and intimacy

The hormone oxytocin produced during sex is largely responsible for feelings of love and happiness. For couples that fear falling out of love, or are less trusting of each other, sex could be the spark that rekindles the trust and intimacy, thus bringing them back closer to each other.

Reduces odds of developing prostate cancer

In an Australian study on men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month, their chances of developing prostate cancer were greatly reduced. Further studies support this notion, making regular sex one of the best ways to keep prostate cancer away.

Longer life

Having a healthy heart, increased oxygen in the blood cells, and stronger muscles are factors that add more years to your life. Getting regular action provides the benefits of an exercise regime, without the pain.

Better self-confidence and esteem

Researchers at the University of Texas have found out that having regular sex boosts self-esteem and confidence. One of the biggest reasons to have sex is to feel good about one’s self, which translates to more self-esteem.

Of course, sex is not the only way to increase your confidence levels. Your self-esteem is all about you, but if you feel great about yourself, a great sex life may improve those feelings even more.

The physical, biological, psychological and chemical benefits of sex are easy to explain, and we could probably come up with more. But how does sex promote the spiritual being within us? Understanding the spiritual side of sex is not easy to put in words, but we’ll take a crack at it.

The Spiritual Side to Sex

Whether you take spirituality serious is immaterial for this discussion, the point here is to find the connection between loving one another and sex. We know that having sex plays a big role in our spirituality, we cannot actually prove it through research and studies, nor can we verify it for everyone. But one thing comes out strongly; people who are in a loving sexual relationship live longer lives on average than those who sleep around. This is not to throw stones at anyone, but it is true. The physical benefits can be explained, but the only way to answer this fact is to tie it to the spiritual side. It has something to do with being emotionally connected to someone you love; a feeling that you cannot have with strangers.

The shows we watch on TV might give off the impression that the best sex is that which is experienced out of marriage. However, research reveals that married couples experience far much better sex than those who do it outside marriage. Research also shows that married women have far more orgasms than unmarried ones.

For some, this may be difficult to read, but there are few issues in life that bring more frustration and confusion than sex. That said, there is no way to bring up the subject of spirituality in sex without bringing in marriage.