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5 Relationships You Need to Build and Embrace


As the holiday season culminates with the start of the new year, make a new beginning by building on or mending some past and present relationships in your life. While we are surrounded by different kinds of people with whom we share a different level of understanding and trust, there are a few relationships which are worth the effort one makes. Here are 5 relationships you could consider mending or strengthening in the new year and add a little more joy to your life: 


The people you work with are the ones who are closest to you during your most productive and even least productive phases at work. Building a strong relationship of mutual trust and understanding with your co workers is important in today’s world. Although a work environment can also transform into a competitive environment in no time, yet having people you can talk to, share your life with and communicate with at work is healthy. Co-workers also influence the way you work, whether you are dedicated to your job or not by viewing others as healthy competition and partners at the same time, and whether you recognize that the ultimate success of the organization you work for depends on the cumulative efforts of everyone. In this regard, having a healthy relationship with your boss can also be extremely useful and motivating. Your boss is the one person you must be able to freely communicate with when it comes to problems faced at work. Treat your boss as an external authority who is also employed by someone and has faced the same circumstances as you have in his/her professional career. The more you focus towards building relationships at work, the more you feel a part of the larger group with which you work.



 In today’s world, we are extremely self absorbed in our own lives to even look around and observe the people who live in our immediate environment. We might know how a friend is a thousand miles away, but we rarely ever communicate with a neighbor on the same level. This new year, focus on building a healthy relationship with your neighbors. This is beneficial for a number of reasons, for one you know the people you share a common physical space with, you also become aware of your surroundings more. The people around you define who you are, and your neighbor can be transformed from a simple acquaintance to a close friend. The holiday season calls for a spirit of joyfulness, sharing and communication. This new year, get to know your neighbors better and who knows you might end up making a life long friend. It’s all about opening up to more people and being an active part of the places we live in. As long as we are part of a physical space, a society or community, interaction with these people is inevitable at some point.



 Your parents are the two people with whom your relationship goes back to even before you were born. And as life progresses, whether you still live with them, or have moved out, whether you had a fall out for any reason, there is always time to build or mend the relationship with your parents. Let’s face it, we owe a majority of our personality to them, right from how we look to some of our most intrinsic values. Take the opportunity today to tell them that you love them, and if you’ve had a fallout or misunderstanding with them, it’s never too late to apologize and work it out. Friends come and go, but parents don’t. They will always remain family and will always wish the best for you. This holiday season, make a resolution to have a stronger, closer relationship with your parents. Surprise them with a gift, a letter, a card or even a simple phone call. In life, when it comes to certain relationships, especially those of family, it’s absolutely never too late. Life is too short too harbor grudges against the people who we love, and who love us.


Old Friends

 We meet people everyday, and we are able to form a connection with some of them in the form of friendship. During the days of school or college, we make some friends and some enemies. The friends we make during these formative years of our lives shape the way we view ourselves and the world around us in significant ways. As life moves on, we go our different ways and lose touch with old friends. As connections continue to be made at an increasing pace today with the availability of social networks, it’s not all too difficult to find old friends. This new year, you could also consider getting in touch with some old friends from school/college and share some happiness with them as well. Join your institution’s alumni network and run a Facebook or LinkedIn search as well. If you have any old phone numbers still saved up, try calling on them. Often, what stops us is the simple hesitation of whether the person still remembers us. The easiest way to know is to find out. If you are able to find them, speak to them, find out where they are, what they’re doing, about their families. If they happen to live somewhere close by, meet up and share some light moments together. Old friendship never fails to bring a smile to the face.

 An Ex-Partner

This is tricky terrain and one must tread wisely. An ex-partner is a person we all want to have in our lives, if only as a friend or acquaintance because of the sheer connection we had with them in the past. If you’ve separated from your partner only recently, try talking to them and even meet if needed to work on a new friendship. If it has been a while, and you two have truly moved on, then there is absolutely no harm in rebuilding a relationship as friends. As it is rightly said, we must keep the good things from our past and move on with our lives. If you do meet your partner again, focus on the good times and how you can re-establish the lost connection. While we may not be able to mend a broken relationship with another individual and return to how it was in the past, we can always communicate again and work on keeping them in our lives some way or the other. Losing any individual as a result of a broken relationship is difficult, so make sure you yourself are ready to have them in your life again before you move further.