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How did ResolutionTweet get Started ?


It all started with one thought “Let’s DO it”. We always want more to our life and want to accomplish and achieve more in pursuit of happiness. We think and have lot of ideas to ourself and while the life gets busy, they end up being on a “Wish” list. We wanted to change that “Wish” list into a “Will”  list and make achieving it alot fun with the help of friends, family and people with similar interests. We always believed “Ideas are good. Actions are BETTER”.

We started thinking/questioning  “Why do we do what we do in LIFE ?”

For : Fame ? Power ? Peace of Mind ? Contentment ? Money ?  What ever we do, there seems to be a pattern in all of it leading us to HAPPINESS. (Well being or fulfillment or satisfaction)

Research shows there are 3 types of Happiness

  • Pleasure – Chasing the next High (FAD)
  • Passion – where you are in a flow and are engaged, time flies by
  • Purpose – Being Part of something bigger than yourself.

ResolutionTweet will concentrate on things that shape the Passion and Purpose of your LIFE leading to Happiness/Satisfaction/Fulfillment/Well being.

We move ahead in life by setting goals and we live a balanced life by setting goals for different areas of of our life.

Some of the areas of Life we could start achieving and track our progress are :

  • Career/Business: How much value are you providing to this world ?
  • Family/Friends : Are you spending time with your family and friends ?
  • Spirituality :  Do you connect with something bigger than yourself ?
  • Personality Development : How are you growing as a PERSON ?
  • Recreation/Fun/Relationships : Are you having enough fun ?
  • Health/Diet/Exercise : How Healthy are you ?
  • Finances/Money : Are you financially independent ?
  • Travel : Have you experienced a new place or new culture ?
  • Contribution/Paying it Forward :  Do you contribute/volunteer your time/money for the less privileged ?


We believe our goals (resolutions) and habits play a vital role in our LIFE.


Watch your THOUGHTS, they become WORDS.

Watch your words, they become ACTIONS

Watch your Actions, they become HABITS

Watch your Habits, they become CHARACTER.

Watch your character, it becomes your DESTINY.


Now lets start DOING THINGS that we are passionate about and make that bucket list into a PRIORITY list.