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Simple Ways To Be Happy

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We all want happiness, even though ‘happiness’ means different things to different people. When it comes to being happy, we all tend to strive for the bigger things in life, forgetting that sometimes happiness can be found in the smallest of experiences and lifestyle changes. Here are 7 simple ways to be happy which offer a way to manage the anger, frustration and sadness we all face in daily life.

Laugh More

Laughter is the greatest cure-all. A good laugh can make you feel better about life instantly and the more you laugh, the more positivity you attract to yourself. Laughter generates a heightened atmosphere around you which can only serve to better your mood and your relationships with others.

Learn to Say No

Sometimes it’s important to say no. Saying no can help eliminate activities that are causing stress, or people who you do not wish to interact with. A lot of people are accustomed to letting their happiness lead them to something they enjoy, but are less comfortable letting it direct them away from the things they don’t need in their lives. We often do things to make other happy or give a good impression, but, ultimately, honesty is going to lead to better relationships and you won’t find yourself in that cycle of overextending yourself for certain people or situations.

Make Lists

It’s always a good idea to pen down your tasks and thoughts to organize yourself mentally and decrease the amount of pressure you take on in trying to remember things. Lists declutter your mental space to make way to happier thoughts and memories which take a backseat in the daily rush to get work done. Keeping a list will also give you an instant boost of fulfillment and contentment from completing a task and checking it off.

Quit Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking can seem rewarding, but you end up missing out on being invested in each task with complete dedication and passion. The happiness that you feel after multi-tasking a bunch of things is short-lived because you have missed out on actually enjoying the process of completing any of the individual activities in the rush. Single-tasking (isn’t it weird that we even need a word for this?) decreases the pressure on your mind, and although you might go down in the quantity department, your quality will grow exponentially.  Of course, some days call for the multi-tasker within you, but try keeping multi-tasking to the minimum and focus on enjoying everything you do.

Practice Moderation

Moderation is all about knowing how much to do when and when to draw the line and stop. Whether it is about work, relationships, health or money, moderation in one area automatically has an effect on every other area in your life by making you more balanced. This is not to say that some circumstances don’t call for extremes, but a moderate outlook will help you stay level-headed no matter the circumstances.

Live in the Present

There is no shortcut to happiness, but living in the present gets you close. We all know that the past cannot be changed and the future is a mystery. A little less anxiety about the past and a little less worry about the future can go a long way in making you a happier person.  The simplest way to be happy is to acknowledge what we have today and carry the positivity and gratitude with us as we move forward.

Reduce Technology

Tuning out of the endless strings of communication can give you peace and quiet, a chance to spend time with your own thoughts or with family and friends. Reduce the number of apps you use on your laptop and mobile phone. The constant input that is always at our fingertips can drown out your intuitions and thoughts; if we’re always entertained, then we don’t really get a chance to process anything. Reducing technology while spending time with others will also make your relationships stronger; more eye contact, more focus and more engagement with the present moment.