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13 Virtues of “The First American”

01 Jul, 2013 1 comment Career

Among the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, one name stands out distinctly above the rest – that of Benjamin Franklin. Also referred to as “The First American”, he was undoubtedly the foremost American of his day with a vision of unity and diplomacy unlike any other individual.  A scientist, diplomat, inventor, philosopher and businessman, his talents were multifarious, yet he remains to be a rather mythical figure in the popular imagination of contemporary world history. Franklin was a man of many virtues, and his emphasis on a living a virtuous life is reflected well in his autobiography – he lists out 13 virtues through which he’d sought to better his character. Throughout his lifetime, he practiced these virtues in one form or the other and while he did fall short of his plans at times he always believed in the strength of the attempt made. Franklin also believed in working on one virtue at a time, while “leaving all others to their ordinary chance”. The 13 virtues as developed by Benjamin Franklin were:

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